Kep1er – Troubleshooter Review

Kep1er Troubleshooter Cover

Release Date: October 13, 2022

Track Listing

  1. We Fresh
  2. Lion Tamer
  3. Downtown
  4. Dreams
  5. THE GIRLS (Can’t turn me down) [2022 Remastered]


Kep1er has been an active group in 2022, having released two Korean EPs, one Korean digital single and their first Japanese single.

Troubleshooter is Kep1er’s third Korean EP and most recent release. When I first saw this EP’s title, I thought Kep1er would be releasing many songs about the world of IT tech support. However, after listening to it, that was sadly not the case.

I am probably in the minority about that lack of songs about helping users find the “any key” on their keyboard, so I shall digress.

The lead single, We Fresh, updates their a-side formula by adding a pop-punk touch to their high-energy dance music. It sounds like WA DA DA with a rock edge, if that makes any sense.

The b-sides are more sonically interesting. Kep1er has slowly expanded its musical repertoire starting from its second EP, which continues here on Troubleshooter.

The sassy Lion Tamer is the b-side that demands the most attention. It’s rather simplistic compared to the a-side, but it maintains a strong groove, and the early break during the chorus with that deep synth bass line helps emphasize the opening lines, “I’ll steal your heart like a wild lion tamer.” nicely.

The other b-side worth mentioning is the R&B/Pop flavoured Dreams. This song shows the mature side of Kep1er. I was surprised that this style of music works for them and wouldn’t mind if they explored it further in future releases.

Ultimately, what you get on Troubleshooter is more of the same pop goodness they have been delivering since the start of 2022. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The great thing about this group is that they continually try something new on each outing, so it’s not like they’re re-hashing the same thing each time.

With that said, Troubleshooter is another excellent album from Kep1er.


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