NewJeans – Super Shy Review

New Jeans Super Shy Cover

Release Date: July 7, 2023

Track Listing

  1. New Jeans
  2. Super Shy


Super Shy is NewJeans’ second digital single and is the pre-release for the group’s second EP, Get Up.

The opening song New Jeans, collaborates with the Power Puff Girls cartoon to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary. It’s difficult to call this a song, to be honest. It only runs shy of a minute and a half and sounds more like an introduction or interlude.

The video for New Jeans contains a lot of filler that takes up almost all of its running time. But when the song hits, you get a cute animated video with plenty of callbacks to NewJeans’ previous work and, of course, an interpretation of the members as Power Puff Girls.

Super Shy is the title track and is closer to the length of a pop song in 2023. This peppy two-and-a-half-minute track perfectly aligns with the catchy style of pop NewJeans is establishing as its brand.

The song’s video has a focus on choreography and group dancing. So for those who like a bit of narrative to follow in their music videos, you won’t find that here.

I won’t go in-depth on the video since it is mostly dancing. I only want to point out the following observations:

  • There’s a sniper in training at the beginning of the video. The kid has a good shot while taking out those balloons.
  • Danielle doesn’t care for her bike or people who might trip over it when she ditches it on the ground.
  • An injured cyclist stops a bus from completing its route. Call for help? Nope. Time to bust out an intense dance routine and leave the person lying on the ground. They can wait until the sweet dance moves are done.

What is immediately noticeable about both songs on this single is that we find the group dipping into the worlds of UK Garage, Jersey Club and Breakbeat again. While this might not be a huge advancement in their sound, these particular genres are what is working for NewJeans at this point.

Those wanting the group to explore other genres or change things up may feel disappointed but will probably still fall in line with these songs because they have some infectious qualities.

Regardless of your feelings about the musical direction the group is taking, you would have to be very hard of hearing (or very hard-headed) not to believe that this has “hit” written all over it.

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