October 2021 House Mix

Homer Simpson Praise Jebus

This month’s mix features tracks from Soul Varti, The SoulClub, Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco, J.B. Boogie and Daniele Mistretta.

G’s House Sessions October 2021
Running Time: 0:55:26

Track Listing

  1. Soul Varti – Love, Hope – Faith
  2. MissFly – Broken Hearted (Original Mix)
  3. The SoulClub – How Exciting (Club Mix)
  4. Danny Foster & Rogue feat. Kele Le Roc – Magic (Soulful House Mix)
  5. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco – Stay Together (F&B Late Night Mix)
  6. Shane D & FAMA feat. Kenny Thomas – This Love (Original Mix)
  7. J.B. Boogie – Sexy Body (Original Mix)
  8. Michael Gray – Take Me Back (84Bit Remix)
  9. Melodymann – At The Copa (Original Mix)
  10. Daniele Mistretta – Sublime (Original Mix)
  11. Freestylers feat. Scarlett Quinn – Fabulous (HillSide Club Mix)



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