Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 11


In the previous episode of Girls Planet 999, team U+Me = Love pulled off an underdog win in the Creation Mission to secure the precious benefit points.


The episode ended with the announcement of another mission before the third elimination, the O.O.O. mission. Episode 11 explains what this mission entails and how it affects the voting for the upcoming elimination.

The O.O.O. mission has the girls divided into groups based on the opinions of the planet guardians and masters. Then, they will perform O.O.O., and each girl will be evaluated individually by the planet guardians through the number of likes on their fan cam videos posted on YouTube.

The benefit of this mission will go to the girls with the highest number of views on each team. For example, first place in a nine-member group will get 90,000 points, while first place in an eight-member group will get 80,000.


The teams that formed seemed to be uneven. Team one was stacked with six members of the top nine, which made it look like the debut team was already decided.

Unlike past missions, there wasn’t a lot of drama surrounding who got what part. Instead, all the girls seemed pretty amicable about voting for each member’s role in O.O.O.

Unfortunately, that made for some boring T.V. to watch, so we’ll skip over the whole decision-making process and fast forward to performance day.

Each team was made to be as pure and innocent as possible to appeal to the planet guardians. Thus, team one had no problems showing off their various charms to the world. But, on the other hand, Team Two was nervous because the masters scolded them at the mid-point evaluation for sucking.

They were told to be more like team three, performing without a care in a world. At the end of their interim evaluation, they had some of the masters in tears. The masters explained it was because they had let the audience in to feel the song’s energy.


When it came to doing the real thing, team two overcame their mental roadblocks and put on a vote-worthy performance. Team three, on the other hand, killed it much as they had in the mid-point check-up.


When each team finished, they were treated to fan support videos from international and Korean planet guardians. Many tears were shed as the remaining members got a much-needed confidence boost going into the third elimination.

That conveniently segues to the third elimination announcement, where 18 out of the 26 remaining competitors will advance to the final round. So rather than beat around the bush, we’ll get to who survived the cuts.

  1. Shen Xiaoting
  2. Kim Dayeon
  3. Sakamoto Mashiro
  4. Ezaki Hikaru
  5. Choi Yujin
  6. Kawaguchi Yurina
  7. Nonaka Shana
  8. Fu Yaning
  9. Seo Youngeun
  10. Su Ruiqi
  11. Khim Chaehyun
  12. Kang Yeseo
  13. Huening Bahiyyih
  14. Wen Zhe
  15. Kim Bora
  16. Hunag Xingqiao
  17. Kim Suyeon

Planet Pass

  • Guinn Myah


  • Cai Bing
  • Chen Hsinwei
  • Zhou Xinhyu
  • Nagai Manami
  • Kishida Ririka
  • Ikema Ruan
  • May
  • Kamimoto Kotone


Similar to the second elimination announcement, there is a lot of change in the top nine. Shen Xiaoting remains the number one girl, while Kim Dayeon’s mega-push did not backfire and rocketed her to second place.

Looking past the top three, there was more movement. So let’s start with the good things.


Nonaka Shana was voted into seventh place, putting her in the top nine for the first time.


Fu Yaning also entered the top nine for the first time.


Kim Bora is still around, although just barely. The debut group needs someone of her vocal skill level as the other main vocal contenders were wiped out in the last elimination.

Now to the bad things about this elimination.


Former highly ranked girls such as Choi Yujin, Kawaguchi Yurina, Su Ruiqi and Kang Yeseo continued to drop rank. With Su Ruiqi ranking outside of the top nine for the first time.

Her little temper tantrum may have turned people off, but not as severely as one would have expected.


Guinn Myah getting the planet pass was not necessarily a wrong decision, but I think Nagai Manami, Ikema Ruan or Kamimoto Kotone deserved it more based on their past performances.

Lastly, let’s discuss the ugly parts of this elimination.


Why the hell is Huening Bahiyyih still in this competition? Seriously, why?

Also, why did all the Korean girls survive? I know I’m asking a stupid question that I already know the answer to, but it must be asked anyway.


Of all the eliminated girls, you have to sympathize with Chen Hsinwei and Cai Bing the most. Chen Hsinwei was so heartbroken she couldn’t speak about her feelings about being eliminated. However, she managed to compose herself after the elimination ended to say some nice words of encouragement.


And then there is a poor Cai Bing. Whether it was her own doing or because of the evil edit, she tumbled from seventh in the first ranking to dead last in this current one. However, even though her “leadership” was awful, she started to make up for her mistakes. The viewers had their minds made up and decided to toss her votes to other girls, most likely in Fu Yaning’s direction.


The next episode is the final one for Girls Planet 999. The way this is looking, this will not be a multi-national group that has an even distribution of members from each country.

I suspect that the final group will have an overwhelming number of Korean girls voted in with some room for a couple of Japanese or Chinese girls because viewers can only vote for one competitor.

Korean girls will most likely have the advantage with votes from their home country. The international weabs will do their best to screw with the system as much as possible to make the group a little more even, but it will probably be a futile effort.

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