Rain x JYP – Switch To Me Review

RAIN x JYP Switch To Me CD Cover

Release Date: December 31, 2020

Track Listing

  1. Switch To Me


One of the final releases in K-Pop in 2020 was a collaboration between Rain and JYP called Switch To Me. It’s a New Jack Swing flavoured song accompanied by a hilarious video of the two men one-upping each other for the love of a woman with a surprise twist at the end.

Switch To Me is a throwback to a different time in the world of R&B. Those of a particular age group will fondly remember when New Jack Swing was the shit and will enjoy this song with immense nostalgic glee. Many older folks will immediately think of Bobby Brown when hearing this song, most likely.

Rain and JYP pull off this lover man duet masterfully. Lyrically it’s not any different from the typical R&B come on type of song. Not that it matters, the beat is so hot that it makes up for whatever retreaded game these guys are dropping.

This song does accomplish the feat of pleasing the older fans of R&B but also continuing the trend of introducing this particular style of music (This has been used before in K-Pop) to younger listeners who may not be as familiar with it.

The only real drawback to Switch To Me is that it ends so abruptly. For the 3 minutes and change it runs, it’s fantastic.


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