Selective Hearing Radio Ep 49: Looking Back On 2020

Ep 49: Looking Back On 2020

Recorded on December 28, 2020

Episode Summary

As we head into our 15th year anniversary, Selective Hearing’s Greg and Allen get together with special guest, Ellis Tan of LSTkpop. Join us on a little slice of life episode of the podcast as we celebrate a little Festivus, discuss what happened in our lives in 2020, what forms of media we enjoyed, and what we look forward to in 2021.

Disclaimer: As always, any opinions expressed by the participants of this discussion are purely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of the other Selective Hearing staff.

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Show Notes


  • What are you drinking?
  • What are you pimping? (i.e. socials, web sites, other projects)

Topic 1: How Was Your 2020?

  • How were you affected by COVID-19? What life changes did you have to make in order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and sane amongst the insanity?
  • If the pandemic had never hit what were your plans or goals for 2020? Were you able to find a way to achieve your goals despite all the craziness going on in the world?
  • Since time has slowed down considerably this year did you take the opportunity to invest your time into doing stuff you put off? If so, what did you end up doing?
  • How are you otherwise?

Topic 2: The Airing of Grievances

Before we get into celebrating the good that was in 2020 we must first exorcise our demons and bitch about the bad in order to cleanse ourselves. For those unfamiliar with the Airing of Grievances please refer to the video below:

For our purposes, we will not lash out at each other but at the artists, we believe have let us down with less than stellar efforts at entertaining us. And of course, anything else we feel deserves to be the object of our wrath

Topic 3: What Did You Like This Year?

  • Favorite music acts and/or songs/albums
  • Favorite movies and/or TV shows
  • Favorite online concerts
  • Favorite video games
  • Anything else you want to gush over

Topic 4: To 2021 and Beyond

  • What word or phrase best describes 2020 to you?
  • Besides a COVID-19 vaccine what are you looking forward to in 2021?
  • 2021 marks the 15th anniversary of Selective Hearing. What are you going to do to celebrate this milestone?

Closing Comments

  • Goodbyes

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