The Internet – Ego Death Review


Release Date: June 26, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Get Away
  2. Gabby (feat. Janelle Monae)
  3. Under Control
  4. Go With It (feat. Vic Mensa)
  5. Just Sayin/I Tried
  6. For The World (feat. James Fauntleroy)
  7. Girl (feat. KAYTRANADA)
  8. Special Affair
  9. Something’s Missing
  10. Partners In Crime Part Three
  11. Penthouse Cloud
  12. Palace/Curse (feat. Steve Lacy & Tyler, The Creator)


The Internet is a Hip-Hop Soul band consisting of Odd Future members Syd tha Kyd and Matt Martians, with touring members Jameel Bruner, Patrick Paige, Christopher A. Smith and Steve Lacy rounding out the group.

Ego Death is their third studio album. Recorded over three weeks, it showcases a grouping of mellow Neo-Soul tracks that feel more appropriate for an intimate listening experience rather than booming on the speakers of your ride.

Lead vocalist Syd tha Kid has a sultry sound that floats oh so nicely over the various beats, including a mix of Hip-Hop, R&B and Jazz. The album starts with Get Away. A song that evokes a strong sense of street swagger that hits you hard (especially that bass line) yet is softened up by the vocal performance and lyrical content.

And that tone is consistent throughout the entire album, making it an incredibly engaging journey through songs about love, lust and some social commentary.

While it’s recommended that you listen to this album from beginning to end, I know some people don’t have the time or the patience to do so these days. So what exactly should you sample to get a taste of what Ego Death is about?

Besides the previously mentioned Get Away, another place to start is the lead single, Girl (feat. KAYTRANADA). Then, transition to Special Affair if you want some slow jam-type goodness. If you want something with a bit more of a groove, Under Control, Go With It (feat. Vic Mensa), and Just Sayin/I Tried will give you a good taste of what Ego Death has to offer.

In the end, Ego Death can be considered something that has a more mature feel than the typical throwaway Urban music that pollutes the airwaves. It will probably take a certain mindset to truly embrace what is presented here, and if you’re a fan of Neo-Soul or alternative Hip-Hop, you may find this to your liking.

I believe there is something special that will give this album a timeless feeling that will keep it fresh many years after its release.

For that and the fact this is a damn fine album front to back, I highly recommend you pick this up.

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