Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 02


Anyway, on to the next soloist. Someone the masters were looking forward to seeing. And that person was finally Choi Yujin of CLC. In her pre-performance interview, she felt invisible on stage because CLC’s concepts were about being tough girls. She wants to be able to show different sides of herself through Girls Planet 999.

She performed Hyuna’s Bubble Pop with the masters making many positive comments about her as she did her thing on the stage. When she finished, the masters continued to give her praise for putting on a fun performance. All the effort she put in paid off as she became a candidate for the top nine with a unanimous pass from all the masters.

Of course, the remaining performances (highlighting the awful ones) were glossed over in a quick-cut style. I guess there were enough turds in the first episode that there was no need for a repeat. Or the producers just wanted to get this part of the show over with since it felt like it dragged on a bit in the last episode.

Whatever the case, it led to the announcement by Yeo Jin Goo that all 32 demo units have finished performing, and it’s on to figuring out who makes the top nine. This elite group will have no ratio of members from the groups of contestants.

This had some girls worried that there could be a majority dominating the top nine positions.


It was then time for the masters to whittle down their rather extensive list of candidates down to nine—the nine who can change the entire competition by reshuffling the existing cells. The masters spent a lot of time debating what criteria to use to make their selections.


After what felt like an eternity, Yeo Jin Goo stepped through the curtain to an anxious group of girls waiting for the results. In his hand was a card with the names of the top nine.

#9 – Kuwahara Ayana
#8 – Cai Bing
#7 – Choi Yujin
#6 – Seo Young Eun
#5 – Jeong Ji Yoon
#4 – Su Rui Qi
#3 – Shen Xiao Ting
#2 – Kang Ye Seo
#1 – Ezaki Hikaru

With the first Planet Top nine ranking completed, Yeo Jin Goo reminded everyone that this ranking is temporary and the planet guardians will decide future rankings. He told the girls who did not make it not to be disappointed.


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