Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 02


It was now time for the fate of the other contestants to be in the hands of the top nine. Who will each member choose to be part of their cell? Or will they stick with who they were initially grouped with?

The rules for the formation of a cell are the same as explained in the first episode. There must be one member each from C, K and J. The catch here is that if a girl is taken away from her default cell, she cannot reject the selection from the top nine member. It’s also possible to make a cell within the top nine if they choose.


  • Ezaki Hiakaru was up first. She chose Shu Rui Qi and Jeong Ji Yoon as her new cell mates, leaving her former ones stunned at the announcement. Ezaki created a strong team that, on paper, could go far in the competition.
  • Kang Ye Seo chose Huang Xing Qiao and Sakamoto Mashiro. The reasoning for her choices as she wanted a harmonious cell that had its vibe and style.
  • Shen Xiao Ting went with Seo Young Eun and Kawaguchi Yurina.
  • Choi Yujin chose Cai Bing and May.
  • Lastly, Kuwahara Ayana chose Kim Chae Hyun and Li Yiman.

With five cells formed, it was time for the remaining girls to create their cells. They can remain with who they came with or leave by raising their hand. If even one member of an existing cell wants to go, the entire cell is disbanded.

This left a lot of the girls undecided about what to do. Some had no choice as they were by themselves, having had their former cell mates picked off by the top nine. Others seemed to want a change or raised their hand for no reason at all.


Seven more completed cells joined the top nine seated above the stage. The remainder of the competitors were left to fight for compatible partners. Much like other survival idol shows, this process was chaos. Add in that you can’t just pick anyone but have one person from each group, making it even more challenging to form a cell.

Eventually, it got done, leading to a recap of the 33 cells going into battle.


The final part of this introductory section had Yeo Jin Goo giving a pep talk to all the planet masters out there. Take care of these girls. Give them your love and support. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Vote now; vote often. Maybe your votes will count for this show.


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