Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 06

With the first elimination out of the way, it’s back to competition for the remaining contestants on Girls Planet 999. They once again gather in the conference center or whatever big room it is to learn their next mission.


The girls mark out when they see Yeo Jin Goo in his flashy outfit. Then, he congratulates them for making it to the next round. Then he gets down to announcing the new rules for this part of the competition.

  • No more cell voting. Members will receive votes individually rather than in groups.
  • The same number of members from groups C, J and K, will be eliminated after the mission ends.

As for how many will survive? He leaves that as a surprise for later on.

Instead, he gets to describing what the next mission is. This mission is called the Combination Mission. In this round, all cells are disbanded, and new groups are formed.


On the giant board are the numbers three, six and nine. They represent the maximum number of members that make up a team. These teams will be competing against each other for the benefit of 270,000 points divided equally between the members of the winning teams.

The songs they have to choose from are categorized under vocal, vocal/rap and dance. Each team is responsible for writing their lyrics (rappers), choreography, and song arrangement.

The list is as follows:

Three-member group

2 PM – My House – VOCAL
Show Me The Money 9 song VVS – RAP
Woo Won Jae – We Are – RAP
Taeyeon – All About You – VOCAL
ITZY – Mafia In The Morning – VOCAL
Meghan Trainor – No Excuses – VOCAL

Six-member group

BTOB – Missing You – VOCAL/RAP
IU – My Sea – VOCAL
Lee Sun Hee – Fate – DANCE

Nine-member group

BLACKPINK with Selena Gomez – Ice Cream – DANCE
Little Mix – Salute – DANCE

When looking at this list of songs, one might be wondering if someone was smoking crack when they compiled and categorized them. For example, how exactly is ITZY under the vocal category when it’s a dance-oriented song?

If the producers were looking to challenge these girls by transforming it into a jazz standard or swing music, then I guess mission accomplished. Admittedly, it’s an odd list of songs. But, hopefully, these girls manage to make something memorable out of whatever they happen to choose.

The song selection process was by order of cell ranking. Unfortunately, that meant all the lower-ranked cells would have slim pickings by the time their turn comes around, making for many disappointed girls. The only saving grace for some of them was the limit on the number of members from each group who can join a song. So there will be no all-Korean super teams or anything like that.

Speaking of that, a super team formed almost immediately for Lee Sun Hee’s Fate, with many top nine members joining from the start of the selection process. But, as expected, the stragglers had to live with leftovers and put on fake smiles to hide their disappointment.

Once all the teams were formed, Yeo Jin Goo announced that the number of girls who would survive to the next round was 30. After that, those who rank in from one to eight in each group will move on. Ranks nine to 18 will go home.

Well, it looks like this show isn’t screwing around anymore and is getting to cutting all those who they deem unworthy.


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