Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 06


Now on to the obligatory post-honeymoon phase of team building and getting down to work. Team VVS started by selecting a leader. Liang Jiao tried to pull a Fu Yaning power play but failed miserably. It didn’t get better for her as she had never rapped before. Add in her poor Korean and her insistence on listening to the song multiple times to catch the vibe, and it was a terrible time for the rest of her team, who were trying to move on to distributing parts.


Team We Are were also miscast members taking on a genre they were not comfortable doing. They decided to take the task head-on and try writing lyrics in Korean. Some Chinese and Japanese girls who got stuck with rap can’t speak Korean, let alone write in Korean.

So they’re expected to just come up with some bars to spit just like that with no proper grasp of the language? No wonder some tried to avoid these songs.


The team performing Mafia In The Morning had the infamous Fu Yaning as a member. So naturally, all of them felt awkward around each other, expecting some shit-stirring to start. But, surprisingly, Fu Yaning was very personable and not the cold bitch she has been portrayed as on this program so far. The team freely exchanged ideas without any conflicts deciding to transform ITZY into a rock type of song.


Somewhere else in the room sat the No Excuses team looking very serious. Hikaru and Su Yeon had worked together in the previous mission and were a bit catty about their new teammate Yang Zige. Unfortunately, her skill level in dance was not as high as theirs. Nevertheless, she tried hard, and the other two tried not to spoil the mood when she gave them ideas.


The team performing Taeyeon’s All About You was delighted to have Choi Ye Young on their team. Her strong vocals would give them a good chance of impressing everyone. However, when it came to their concept, the musical directors were not pleased with their change of tone in the second verse. It ruined the mood of a poignant and emotional song, and the three girls went back to starting from scratch.

Team My House put their faith in Wang Ya Le’s experience to lead them. She was persistent in adding some harmony to the song, but it just wasn’t working. When challenged about it by Seo Young Eun, she got a bit defensive which caused some friction within the group. However, Ya Le seemed oblivious that she sucked at harmonizing and was confident in her singing ability.


The Avengers team of this round were those who chose Fate. They had four members who ranked into the top nine and were well-balanced skill-wise. Kang Yeo Seo wanted to try out for the killing part but was shy around her seniors. Choi Yujin noticed her raising her hand and lifted it higher to give her a chance to audition for the role.

Shen Xiao Ting graciously bowed out of the killing part competition as she had her opportunity in the last round and wanted to give others a chance to shine. What a team player.

Each applicant took their shot at the killing part, and Ye Seo got the majority vote for the role.

Team Missing You had the number one girl Kawaguchi Yurina as part of their group. So the other members felt reassured with her there. The team voted her to have the killing part even though Kubo Reina pulled it off more convincingly.

In the meeting with the musical directors, she failed when they suggested raising the song’s key to fit a female voice. That left doubts as to whether she would live up to the expectation of being the main vocalist.


Team My Sea was concerned about the high pitch of the song. However, Jeong Ji Yoon seemed to have no problems and impressed everyone in the room and the adjoining rooms as she practiced. On the other hand, Nonaka Shana was not confident enough to hit the note even with the encouragement of her teammates. Self-doubt took over, and she was unable to overcome her fears.

Last to be featured were the two nine-member teams performing Ice Cream and Salute. Team Ice Cream followed the lead of Kim Da Yeon, who wanted to combat their charismatic rivals by utilizing her teammate’s natural charms and giving everyone a chance to be in the spotlight.

Team Salute had fierce competition for leadership, with Cai Bing pushing hard for her teammates to choose her. She won them over and was looking forward to showing her leadership skills. However, based on what has been shown so far, Cai Bing will experience a downfall if she doesn’t manage to live up to her hype.

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