Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 06


We get the title card Combination (Confidence Is My Style) about an hour into this episode.


Joining the panel of masters for this mission is rapper Woo Won Jae. Who assisted with the training and evaluations for this round. In addition, there will be no pre-recorded backing tracks; all songs will be performed with a live band.

The first group who performed was team We Are. They were nervous about performing in front of the original artist of their song. Manami was asked to show more confidence; otherwise, they had no issues the masters wanted to address.

Their performance was shockingly good for a bunch of girls who had no prior experience with the genre. Manami, in particular, showed a new side to her, receiving compliments from Woo Won Jae about her improved skills.

The girls excitedly left the stage, having been recognized by the original artist for their interpretation of his song.

The second to perform was team Ice Cream. Ikema Ruan was feeling the pressure of having received the planet pass. The masters called her out for being too passive and not showing the same energy as her teammates at the mid-point evaluation.

Kim Da Yeon took it upon herself to ensure that Ikema regained her confidence.

The result of this team’s effort was an energetic performance where every member had their moment in the spotlight. They did so well that the masters commented that they looked like a debuted girl group already.

Tiffany was incredibly excited after their performance screaming up a storm. Da Yeon was complimented for her excellent leadership, along with Ruan, who lived up to the expectations of the masters.

The third up to bat was team No Excuses. Besides being a bit catty, they were also called out for their one-note and mechanical performance style. Hikaru, in particular, came off too strong. As a result, the masters asked them to focus more on embodying the mood of the song.

Su Yeon also screwed up the killing part in the rehearsal, which added to her nerves for the real thing.

Come game time, this team managed to listen to the master’s advice and change up their performance to match the song properly. It was the type of performance one would want to watch over and over online or on TV. Su Yeon burst into tears after hearing that comment, feeling her team’s hard work paid off.

Next to go was Team Missing You. As mentioned earlier, this group has the current girl ranked first (Kawaguchi Yurina) among their members as their main vocalist. So the pressure was on her to deliver the goods and live up to her ranking after ranking lowest after the check-up with the masters.

It didn’t look good for her as she kept looking at the floor and losing her place in the song, taking her group down a slippery slope of losing sync. Han Byul was very hard on her yet tried to encourage her to practice harder.

Their raper Zho Xin Yu was so quiet that Woo Won Jae refrained from commenting since he couldn’t hear her. Since half the song is rap, it’s essential to be able to hear that part.

What is funny about this group is everyone, but Yurina stepped up their game. It felt like Kubo Reina easily outworked her vocally, with only a tiny mention of that from the masters before going back to gushing over Yurina. Nevertheless, it was a touching performance regardless of the comments from the panel.


The final performance of the episode was from team Fate. The Avengers of this round of the competition. The masters had the most concern for this team since their mid-point check-up was mediocre at best. There was too much random flailing of hands and arms with no real emotion connecting to the song.


Cut to the beginning of their performance with Yeo Seo showing a sad expression on her face and another cliffhanger.

After the obligatory voting information, the viewers received previews of the original songs for the third round of the competition. They are to match the music to the members they think will suit it best.

Results of the voting are to be revealed whenever the next round starts.

So this episode, much like the previous one went at a brisk pace and the performances were a lot better than expected given the parameters some of these girls had to work with. I am looking forward to the next episode where some of the more problematic teams will either hit a home run or strike out hard.

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