Random Viewing: Queendom 2 Episode 6

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In episode five of Queendom 2, we saw the formation of the vocal and dance units. It was also the group bonding episode where all the participants could relax away from the stress of the competition. Episode six continues with the interim check for the dance units. Each song had its unique traits thanks to the choreography created by the dancers from Street Woman Fighter.


Holybang’s dance for Purr was aggressive and called for the Kep1er and VIVIZ to drop the feminine movements and add some hip-hop attitude to convey the feeling of the dance correctly.


KA-BOOM is an opportunity for WJSN to show a new side of themselves. It also provided Hyolyn with another challenge to conquer. LACHICA’s choreography also had a strong hip-hop feel, eventually bringing comparisons to Purr.


Desire/Greedy/Jealousy (apparently, there are a couple of ways to translate the hangul) is the song that has the more complex choreography. It goes for dramatic effect rather than in-your-face shock.


Prowdwon’s Monica walking in looking like a badass all in black was a sign that this would not be a walk in the park for Brave Girls Eunji and LOONA. Based on the amount of screen time given to this particular group, they’re set up to burn up the stage.


The interim checks for the dance units didn’t show much except for many stripper moves from Kep1er.


However, I thought Brave Girls and LOONA gave the best teaser of the dance units. And the rest of the competitors agreed as they voted them as the most anticipated dance units. Hyolyn and Minyoung got the most votes for the vocal teams.

Both teams earned the right to set the performance order. For vocalists, it was:

  • Sun and Moon (Kep1er + LOONA)
  • Galaxy Embracing the Universe (VIVIZ + WJSN)
  • 33 (Hyolyn + Brave Girls)

The order of dancers ended up being:

  • KEV1Z (Kep1er + VIVIZ)
  • Ex-it (Hyolyn + WJSN)
  • I’m The Queen (LOONA + Brave Girls)

The performance portion of the program featured the three vocal units, with Sun and Moon taking the stage first.

They covered EXO’s Don’t Go. This combination of members had great chemistry and looked like a complete group on stage. However, even though their voices complimented each other, the song felt flat to me. I guess I was expecting some vocal explosion or something and didn’t get it from Sun and Moon.

Galaxy Embracing the Universe finally decided on a song, and it was IU’s Hold My Hand. This particular song allowed each member to showcase their vocal capabilities. It was significant for Soobin, who wanted to show some skills that have been hidden behind the numbers of WJSN.

This cover did precisely what was intended and highlighted each member’s strengths. The fact they covered a well-known song also worked in their favour. The only minor wrinkle I could find in their performance was that Yeonjung was loud near the song’s end. Otherwise, it was fantastic.

The last team to perform was 33 with their cover of BOL4’s To My Youth. So much of this performance played to the emotions of the audience. Hyolyn and Minyoung did everything they could to wrench every bit of meaning out of the song’s lyrics with their vocals. Add in the minimal lighting, handwritten lyrics on the video wall and Hyolyn tearing up when she came face to face with Minyoung, and you had the makings of something special.

However, I don’t think it was enough to get Hyolyn another first-place finish. At best, I think they’ll place second, and Minyoung will have helped dig Brave Girls out of the mud of last place.

This episode ended with a cliffhanger as the vocal units were given the results of the onsite voting. It is a toss-up as to who the audience voted for, but I believe that VIVIZ+WJSN will take the top spot with Hyoln+Brave Girls in second and Kep1er+LOONA in third.


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