Random Viewing: Queendom Episode 04

Episode 4 of Queendom continued with the remainder of the second round performances. Oh My Girl were on deck next. Flashing back to before second round stages Oh My Girl were determined to make up for their poor round one showing by choosing a Lovelyz song they could re-interpret into their own unique vision.


After much discussion they decided on “Destiny”. Rather than doing a straight cover the group decided to add a traditional Korean element to the song. They believed it would make them stand out among the other groups who were doing either sexy or hip-hop concepts by changing the mood of the song from bright and cheerful to sad and emotional.


With these ideas in mind they aimed to get to a ranking of second place.


Lovelyz were in the backstage area eagerly anticipating how their song would turn out when in the hands of another group. Dressed in hanboks, Oh My Girl added the traditional sound to the musical arrangement, elaborate choreography and many dancers to help convey theme of sadness for their interpretation of “Destiny”.

The end result was a performance that had the other competitors in the back describing that they were watching a historical drama or a movie on stage. AOA were thinking that this would secure Oh My Girl first place.


When the song was over Lovelyz applauded them for their efforts and in the post performance interviews the members aid enjoyed the unexpected arrangement and theme. And that while it was not them on stage they were proud and appreciated what Oh My Girl did with their song.

Oh My Girl left the stage feeling they had done a much better job than in the first round. So much Seunghee broke down afterwards in joy for receiving love from the crowd.

(G)I-DLE were next on stage and high off their first place ranking in round one. They were feeling the pressure to keep their momentum going by covering a senior artists song. In their pre-production meeting they had a difficult time choosing a Park Bom/2NE1 song to cover as there were so many to pick from.

A group vote determined they would cover “Fire”. Given that it is well known both in Korea and internationally they believed it would go well with their goal of interacting with audience and bringing a lot of energy.


Before their performance Park Bom was shown nervously waiting to see how (G)I-DLE would take on 2NE1. Their version of “Fire” was what they described as ethnic hip adding various different types of instrumentation from around the world to spice up the song.

The opening melody brought back immediate feelings of nostalgia. Their stage was exactly as promised and honestly no other group on this show could have a pulled off a 2NE1 song as well as (G)I-DLE. They have the same type of swag aura which makes them a perfect fit for their songs.

The other competitors were full of hype afterwards and AOA were thinking that (G)I-DLE would get a good score because of the throwback factor. Park Bom said she cried during their performance since it reminded her so much of her group.


(G)I-DLE were also excited afterwards and freaked out in their dressing room in relief of having successfully taking on “Fire”.

Lovelyz were the last group to go on stage. In their pre-show meetings they were conflicted since they are very similar to Oh My Girl musically. Anything they would cover would not exactly be something they could easily re-work into a different style.

Luckily they managed to complete their Queendom Quest mission and received a benefit that changed their fortunes. With this in hand they had a strong will to make up for their last place finish from the previous round.

When they appeared on stage Oh My Girl were surprised at their stage costumes as they were nothing like what they would wear. It was revealed that they had won the chance to change their song choice. What that song would be was not told to the audience or the other competitors.


In a back stage interview they said they would be covering the Brown Eyed Girls’ “Sixth Sense”. Their reason for choosing the song was to show off a different side of themselves and showcase their powerful voices.


It was difficult for the other artists to figure out what song Lovelyz were covering. When the opening lines of the song were spoken they all caught on. Everyone was at full attention after for Lovelyz sexy interpretation of “Sixth Sense”. Yooa commented that they had unleashed themselves and based on what they did that was true. Who would have thought that Lovelyz would be able to convincingly cover a Brown Eyed Girls song?

When their stage was over the other artists were left impressed with their bold choice. Lovelyz themselves were surprised at the enthusiastic response they received from the audience. It gave them hope that their placing would be better this time around.

With all the performances completed the MC’s asked the audience to make their votes. Similar to the first round the final score is 10,000 points. 7000 of those points are from the audience, 2000 are from the special evaluators and 1000 from the artist self evaluation.

After the voting ended the artists made their way to the Queendom set to be given the final results. The self-evaluation votes were revealed first. Oh My Girl were concerned that they would again be down voted by their fellow competitors. Instead they ended up being the favorite among the others for their touching performance. These results had them in a much better mood than at the end of the previous round.

The special evaluators vote was next. It was close as there was a 1 vote difference between 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The artist that won the 2000 points was not revealed in this episode. Nor was the artist who placed lowest in the self-evaluation. Instead the show ended on a cliffhanger leaving one to wonder what the rankings for this round would end up being.


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