Release Date: September 13th, 2017

Track Listing

  2. Emerald Ice Cream
  3. STAR LIGHT ~Hoshi Shoku no Kono Kimochi, Sora ni Usure~ (2017 ver.)
  4. Byou Simulation (2017 ver.)
  5. READY TO KISS (Off vocal)
  6. Emerald Ice Cream (Off vocal)
  7. STAR LIGHT ~Hoshi Shoku no Kono Kimochi, Sora ni Usure~ (Off vocal)
  8. Byou Simulation (Off vocal)


After two years without a single release, READY TO KISS made their return to the major music scene last September with their self-titled, third single release, READY TO KISS. Now under King Records, this release marks the re-debut of the popular Idol performance unit, as well as the debut of a new generation – Amau Kisami, Sasaki Miho (Houkago Princess graduate) and Hiromi Makino – bringing the group to a total of 7 members.

The single itself comes in eight editions, with the standard regular edition followed by a total of seven ‘member’ editions, each featuring a select member at the front of the lineup, but the track listing is static throughout. Featuring lyrics and composition by Ishitani Hikari, the release is sure to be a light, fun affair for those who are fans of both READY TO KISS, Houkago Princess, and anything that sounds remotely pop-rock. And yes, it is a fun release, though a fairly predictable one, at that.

The leading track, READY TO KISS, is your regular style of fluff in Idol music. It’s a fairly familiar sound that is reminiscent of indies HouPri, but it suits READY TO KISS well (as it should, given at least two of the members are HouPri alumni, plus the group is produced by HouPri’s creator). Light, energetic, and cute, this song is your typical A-side fodder that will appeal to a wide range of listeners. It’s an easy listen, and whilst not entirely forgettable, it’s probably the blandest of the bunch featured. Still, it’s enjoyable, if a little typical for a release.

Emerald Ice Cream is a lot more entertaining, featuring a jumpier beat and a little bit more rock to its pop. With such a bouncy sound, its no wonder that Emerald Ice Cream is catchier and far more memorable than READY TO KISS is. The vocals can seem a bit rough throughout, but it adds some texture to the song, plus it’s nice to hear a members ‘real’ voice. Overall, this song is a great listen from beginning to end, and probably sounds amazing live. It happens to be one of the better tracks on here, too.

The final two tracks are both updates from previous READY TO KISS songs, and from my understanding, are the two songs that the group perform a lot, simply because the tracks are popular. STAR LIGHT ~Hoshi Shoku no Kono Kimochi, Sora ni Usure~ (2017 ver.) has been performed since the groups early days, and is a pretty pop song that has a bit of punch to it, and once again, sounds like it would fit right at home in the Houkago Princess song collection. It’s a really fun track that is a lot more memorable and entertaining than READY TO KISS is, which begs the question why STAR LIGHT hasn’t found itself an A-side listing yet. Regardless of where it stands though, it’s a great track, and it will probably leave a good impression on its listeners.

Byou Simulation (2017 ver.) is the final track, and a cover of Arc’s original song from 2010. Though the track itself has never been released physically or digitally by READY TO KISS, the group did bring out their version of the song in 2014 by releasing a music video, but have finally updated the song with their new lineup. This is a great song, and one of the more original tracks on this single thanks to its catchy sound and punchy instrumental. It has its cute moments and falls back into the realm of pop, but thanks to the effects used throughout the instrumental, this song stands out amongst the other three, and is the best of the bunch. Thank goodness the group finally released it in a physical and digital format for the world to hear.

As a release, READY TO KISS is a lot of fun, but it does have its moments where it feels like a HouPri release. Still, it’s entertaining, and it’s worth a listen if you want to get a feel for what READY TO KISS can do. It’s not the most original soundtrack out there, but for what it’s worth, this is a decent release. and a pretty sweet comeback.


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