SCANDAL – Stamp! Review


Release Date: July 22, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Stamp!
  2. Flashback No. 5
  3. Stamp! (Instrumental)


Stamp! is SCANDAL’s 21st major single (24th overall) and a mid-tempo, catchy Pop/Rock track that evokes a summery vibe. It has one of those infectious sing-a-long hooks that one would associate with a summer jam.

The video further enhances this, which shows the band going on a road trip through various locations in Guam.

I have read of Stamp! being compared to something that perhaps Weezer would release is a fair comparison. Although it makes me wish SCANDAL filmed their video at the Playboy mansion instead when I think about that.

The b-side Flashback No. 5 is the harder rocking of the songs in this package and is much like the high-energy tracks SCANDAL has released over the years. So if you like it when they go all out, this will most likely satisfy your thirst for something to crank to 11.

Overall this is a great release from SCANDAL that will please their fans immensely and is a pair of songs to add if you’re looking for some Japanese Rock to bring variety to your music library.


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