Selective Hearing Radio Ep 47: 500+ Days of IZ*ONE, FIESTA TIME!


Recorded on March 14, 2020

Episode Summary

The Selective Hearing Staff gets together and gives their raw feelings and critiques on FIESTA and the state of IZ*ONE’s future as well as other K-Pop randomness.

Disclaimer: We recorded this podcast using Discord and the program Craig + Eunnicastr. Let us know how it sounds.

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Show Notes:

Intros and What Are You Drinking?
Quickly address the voting controversy and hiatus
Three months later, was it worth the wait?


What did you like?
What didn’t you like?
What about that choreography?
Who has the best hair? Who had the worst hair?
Best live costumes?


What other songs stood out, which were your favorites?
Where does FIESTA rank among all the February releases?

  • February 2020 Releases
  • Our thoughts on other February K-Pop singles; EVERGLOW, Cherry Bullet, Rocket Punch, LOONA , DREAMCATCHER, BTS etc.

Where does FIESTA rank among IZ*ONE singles?

IZ*ONE Exceeds 400k on Hanteo

IZ*ONE Near 2mil Worldwide

IZ*ONE’s Future

Pledis Entertainment CEO Han Sung Soo Steps Down As IZ*ONE’s Producer

Swing Entertainment Confirmed To Join Off The Record Entertainment In Co-Managing IZ*ONE

NOTE: There were some mix-ups between NIZI Project and some other JYP projects in this section. Don’t get over excited about this misunderstanding.

Goodbyes and Ending

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