Selective Hearing’s Monthly Recap – May 2024

Monthly Recap May Title Card


In the part of Canada where I live, the snow stops in May, and we transition from Third Winter to Actual Spring. So it’s nice not to have seen the white stuff on the ground for most of the past month. To commemorate the changing of the season, I did a bit of Spring cleaning during May just in time to buy new crap to replace the old crap I donated or threw out.


There’s nothing new to report here. It’s been business as usual with the weekly Sunday posts and the sporadic news drops whenever I get something in my inbox.


Nothing exciting happened in May that made it worth leaving the house or country. However, I have tickets to the Purple Kiss concert in Calgary this month, so I’ll have another concert to discuss in next month’s recap.

TV Shows/Web Series

Much of my time was spent indoors catching up on the plethora of tripleS Signal episodes on YouTube. Lately, I have gotten into the group beyond just their music. As of the date this article was published, I have completed the episodes up to the introduction of S14, Park Sohyun.

Up to this point, the members whose content I enjoy watching the most are Yoon Seoyoen (S1), Kim Yooyeon (S5), Kim Soomin (S6), and Kim Nakyoung (S7). The later S members, Nien (S13) and Park Sohyun (S14) have piqued my interest, and I look forward to whatever content they contribute.

Video Games

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Poster

I’m still playing Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth, finishing all the side quests in Chapter 12 before carrying on with the main story. I haven’t played the game in a while, though. So maybe I’ll allocate more time to it later to make some progress past racing chocobos.



I took a run at NMIXX’s fourth digital single, Rollercoaster. My initial plan was to slow it down and build a laid-back funk instrumental around the vocal. As I was going through the initial phases of creating the track, I realized that the plan of attack wouldn’t work as it didn’t translate from my head to my DAW correctly.

Instead, I went with my secondary idea of slightly speeding up Roller Coaster by a couple of BPM and adding my touches afterward. I did my best to stay as close as possible to the house music genre and give it a more relaxed feel than the party vibe of the original.

Below are my favourites from May 2024.


Monthly Recap May Albums

  • aespa – Armageddon
  • KIRA – 481
  • Toshiki Kadomatsu – Magic Hour ~Lovers at Dusk~
  • tripleS – Assemble 24
  • Yves – Loop


BABYMETAL x ElectricCallBoy – RATATA

EMI MARIA feat. JASMINE – Right Now

Hinatazaka46 – Kimi wa Honeydew

ITZY – Algorhythm

NewJeans – Bubble Gum

Stray Kids & Charlie Puth – Lose My Breath

XG – Woke Up


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