September 2020 House Mix

Homer Simpson Praise Jebus

This month’s mix features tracks from Mindbuster, Mousse T, Ricky Morrison, BPlan and Ladies on Mars.

G’s House Sessions September 2020
Running Time: 0:59:00

Track Listing

  1. Mindbuster – Satisfy Me (Sharam Jey Edit)
  2. George “G-Spot” Jackson – Get It Together (Miggedy Vokal ReTouch Remix)
  3. Mousse T feat. Sharon Phillips – Maybe In May (Mannix Main Mix)
  4. The Fantastics! feat. Sulene Fleming – Take A Shot (Richard Earnshaw’s Little Big Extended Mix)
  5. Ricky Morrison feat. Brian Lucas – Uplifted (Sure Shot Club Vocal Mix)
  6. Daniele Baldi & Karla Brown – My Sunshine (Original Mix)
  7. BPlan feat. J-Uno – Sweetest. Thing (Foo Funkers Mood Funk Mix)
  8. Jestofunk feat. Jocelyn Brown – Special Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Jazzy Vocal)
  9. Gigi Camporeale feat. Andrea Love – Self Control
  10. Ladies On Mars – The Billy of Queens (Vocal Mix)



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