NewJeans – Hype Boy (Selective Hearing NWJNSwing Remix)

NewJeans New Jeans Cover Art

Release Date: August 1, 2022
Key: E Minor
BPM: 100

Hype Boy is the second track on NewJeans’ debut EP. It’s similar to Attention to the subject matter, only upping the ante a bit on the emotional investment in the song’s object of affection. Hype Boy also shares the same simple and dreamy R&B throwback sound. However, it does lend itself to being a little more danceable, as the choreography in the video shows.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do with this song since the original is already great as it is. But because of its base structure, Hype Boy lends itself to be re-interpreted in many ways, which did make me want to make a run at doing something with it.

So in times of a lack of creative juices, I turn to what others have done with this song to get inspiration. And there are many more bootleg remixes of this particular track than any other on the NewJeans EP. The best ones I heard stayed close to the song’s R&B roots or took the track into synth wave or a city pop direction. Which, to me, makes total sense.

Once I got an idea of what could be done, I got to work on constructing my remix. I created something like a mid-tempo R&B swing track but didn’t go all in on the retro vibe. Instead, I surrounded the vocal with a fuller instrumental than the original’s sparsenes and I added little flourishes here and there to accent the sugary sweet feel of the song. That was about it.


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