Wonder Girls – Wonder Party Review

Wonder Girls Wonder Party Cover

Release Date: June 6, 2012

Track Listing:

  1. R.E.A.L.
  2. Like This
  3. Hey Boy
  4. Girlfriend
  5. Sorry
  6. The DJ Is Mine


The Wonder Girls’ follow up to 2011’s Wonder World is their mini-album Wonder Party. Unlike their last album there is not a trace of retro to be found. You figure that would be a staple of the Wonder Girls repertoire given that they’ve worked songs like Nobody to death.

It’s actually refreshing to see this group not go back to the well again when they are capable of so much more. Instead of the tried and true Wonder Party sticks to Hip-Pop, R&B and light touches of Dubstep. Bypassing the already released The DJ Is Mine you get five new songs for your listening pleasure. To be honest, that’s awfully generous for a K-Pop EP considering that most groups give you about three new tracks before whipping out the instrumental versions as filler.

What is on Wonder Party is some quality stuff that will definitely appeal more to the Urban music heads than those who enjoy the typical K-Pop fluff. The songs of most interest for those on the fence would be the current single off this album Like This, R.E.A.L. and Girlfriend. Those three tracks alone are worth the price of admission and if English versions were to be released state side one of them would probably have a fighting chance on the U.S. charts.

Of that batch Girlfriend is the standout track. It a has a smooth, laid back groove that allows the group to lay down some sultry vocals and of course, a few chilled verses from Yubin. If there were one track that you should take away from this album, this would be it.

Overall Wonder Party is one fine album and it’s a shame it’s only an EP. When the group goes in this kind of musical direction there needs to be more and not less.

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