September 2019 House Mix

Homer Simpson Praise Jebus

This month’s mix features tracks from Anthony Romero, Kathy Brown, Daniele Baldi, Beat Rivals, Ross Couch and Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco.

G’s House Sessions September 2019
Running Time: 1:05:03

Track Listing

  1. Anthony Romero feat. Jessita McKinney – Do It (Original Mix)
  2. Emanon – Did My Best (Norty Dub Sample Mix)
  3. Kathy Brown – Last Time (Dave Anthony Remix)
  4. Souxsoul – Everyday (Original Mix)
  5. Daniele Baldi – New Life (Extended Mix)
  6. Kings of House NYC feat. Julie McKnight – Still Here (David Morales Disco Juice Mix)
  7. Beat Rivals feat. Lifford – Help Me (Michele Chiavarini and DJ Spen Remix)
  8. Souldynamic feat. Dawn Tallman – In The Air (Masaki Morii Remix)
  9. Ross Couch – Connection
  10. JC Unique – Knock Me Off My Feet (DJ Passion Remix)
  11. Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco feat. D’bra Powell – I Like It Like That (F&B Club Mix)



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