Year of Discovery – Tokyo Jihen’s Variety

Released September 26, 2007

Track Listing

  1. Ramp
  2. Mirrorball
  3. Kingyo no Hako
  4. Shiseikatsu
  5. OSCA
  6. Kronekodow
  7. Fukushuu
  8. Boutomin
  9. SSAW
  10. Tsukigime-hime
  11. Sake to Geko
  12. Killer Tune
  13. Metro

Steve Says:

Variety represents a group of musicians at their peak, with each song masterfully crafted to be enthralling down to every note, with each song sounding different from the next by pulling in so many different influences and genres including rock, pop, jazz, classical, vaudeville, funk, and so many others. It features lead vocals from 3 different members, two male and one female, that being the legendary Shiina Ringo, with a voice that can conquer any type of music the world has ever conceived. All three vocalists get ample time to shine, as well as harmonizing together on many tracks. Every song is oozing with character, emotion, and musicianship from start to finish in the entire 13-track running time and also allows each member to do their own songwriting and let their own talent and technique show through. The final result is something I consider to be a nearly perfect album that should be heard by anyone who appreciates music.

Last Year of Discovery article, here we go!


I like the delightful tone to start the album with. I didn’t know what to expect when I first started it, but I was hooked.


Quite funky and I am into this, as well.

Kingyo no Hako

It has to be in some video game. If it’s not, it should be immediately. Couldn’t help but shake that feeling. Plus, that breakdown before the second verse is quite good.


The change into a somewhat closer song is a nice change, although I’m not sure I like this song as much as the others.


The instrumentation is on point! Immediately brought back into this album. I dig how the vocals work with the instruments here.


Imagine a frantic airport chase, and this song would be playing. I feel the vaudevillian influence here, and it’s effective. A bit surprised that the song is just short of three minutes long.


That guitar is so good. It’s like it bleeds from the song and it gives the rest of a song a bit of a grittier sound. 


I wonder if they have more songs like this, cause this is what I really want from Tokyo Jihen. Love their jazz take.


Okay, maybe the second half of the album is what I really want. I like the more toned-down, quieter, softer moments this song provides.


Keep the good times rolling. More please!

Sake to Geko

This song is pure vocal performance, and it’s stellar. 

Killer Tune

Not as strong as the few previous songs, but still worth listening to.


Opening with that keyboard and I was hooked. Strong ending to the album, as well.

Overall Thoughts

Thanks Steve! Really enjoyed the album, especially in the second half. Although I can’t speak to the lyrics or the overall craftsmanship to the music the way Steve can, I do agree with the overall talent of the brand oozing out of each song. An absolute great way to wrap up the Year of Discovery.

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