Selective Hearing Radio Ep 45: SEVENTEEN ‘Ode To You’ In Houston Pregame And Concert Review

Episode Summary

Allen and special guest Annabelle join forces to talk all about SEVENTEEN. Part of this episode one is our Pregame portion where we talk about what to expect from SEVENTEEN in concert. Part two is our SEVENTEEN concert review minutes after the end of the show.

SEVENTEEN Ode To You Tour has hit Houston and there has been a lot of pent up hype. Get our super raw point of view as we go over what this concert means to us and other K-Pop fans here in Houston.

What did we like about the concert overall? Do we still have our hearing after being around thousands of screaming fangirls? Give the show a listen and find out! Thanks in advance!

Pictures courtesy of Selective Hearing.



Show Notes:

  • Pregame

    • Allen and Annabelle discuss what the expect from the SEVENTEEN concert.

  • Concert Review

    • We go over the show, our seats, the visuals, the acoustics, the fans etc.

    • Should you go see SEVENTEEN live in concert?

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