Yerin Baek – tellusaboutyourself Review

Yerin Baek tellusaboutyourself Cover

Release Date: December 10, 2020

Track Listing

  1. Lovegame
  2. You’re so lonely now, so you need me back by your side again
  3. I am not your ocean anymore
  4. Hall&Oates
  5. Ms. Delicate
  6. Interlude
  7. Loner
  9. Loveless
  10. Hate you
  11. 0415
  12. I’ll be your family!
  13. I’m in love
  14. Bubbles&Mushrooms


In December of 2020, former 15& member Yerin Baek released her second album tellusaboutyourself. It shares some qualities with her first album, Every letter I sent you, such as the lyrics being self-penned and in English. Her songs’ dreamy and soothing atmosphere is also noticeable, whether chill or a little more upbeat.

What differs with tellusaboutyourself is that it stretches past the contemporary urban pop and neo-soul confines that dominated her first album. There are various sounds for Yerin to work her magic with, including (but not limited to) deep house and synth-pop. This amalgamation of different genres makes for a fascinating musical journey that covers the topic of exploring the many colours of one’s personality.

Of course, this isn’t going to be satisfactory for everyone. Those who don’t listen to electronic music or are more in favour of Yerin’s more ear-friendly R&B/Pop songs might find this album to be long and tedious. Especially during its first half. The latter half of tellusaboutyourself is slightly closer to the type of urban pop listeners have become accustomed to hearing from her. Sprinkle in a few dance music-influenced songs, and the album ends on a high note.

Despite its apparent lack of cohesiveness, tellusaboutyourself is an excellent album. If you’re willing to give this evolution of Yerin Baek a chance, you will discover an artist who is expanding her musical possibilities into exciting new territory.

Recommended songs: I am not your ocean anymore, 0415, Hate You, Bubbles&Mushrooms.

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