IZ*ONE – COLOR*IZ Kihno Version Review

As I start my fandom for IZONE, I wanted to be a good fan and purchase their debut album. As a newbie to the current K-Pop scene, I saw a selection for “ColorIZ Kihno Version” as I was browsing the different options. I was aware of other groups and the photo books that came with the CD, but I had never heard anything about a “Kihno” device. 

According to Kihno.com, “Kihno links all type of music contents to smartphone users. Dig-log of smart media with convenience, collectible. We believe Kihno is more than music. It has the power to become icons of our lives. Kihno is moving forward with not only music but BEYOND!”

Is this little device all that’s cracked up to be? Let’s find out.

I ordered both the Rose and Color Kihno versions of their Mini Album. They came with the same photo books that are found in the standard versions along with a random member photo card and a random unit photo card. The photo books are made of high quality photo paper and have fold out pages lined with promo photos. Each girl is highlighted with their own solo photos and if you are lucky enough to get their autographs, plenty of room for giant signatures next to their pics. I prefer the Color photo book over the Rose photo book.

The Rose PB has one central theme and costumes with some weird sepia tone over some selections. The Color PB has two themes starting with more of angelic tone with a heavy cloud filter on most of the girls. If you are a fan of Ahn Yujin or Kang Hyewon, the photos in the set are not flattering at all, in fact the are pretty bad. They both look like they just woke up and Yujin may or may not have lost one of her earrings. The second theme is using the vibrant colors and costumes from the Oh My! teaser video. This set of photos uses more of the empty space on the pages a lot better. 

Probably the highlight of the Kihno versions of any groups album is the set of photo cards inside the box. The set of cards that I got were the angelic cloud theme in the Color box. The rose theme had the same pics from their teaser site after you put the color detergent in the washing machine. To my surprise, the actual cards are a lot smaller than I thought they would be. They are a bit smaller than the average business card. The material felt really good, like a fresh set of playing cards, thin cardboard possibly coated in a thin layer of plastic. 

I’m still surprised by the size of the cards, but they would have to be that small to fit in the box with the Kihno device. Each card measures out to be 2”x 3/12” or 5.08 cm by 8.89 cm. I guess I’m just used to the photos that the 48 Group packs with their PB and Blu-Ray/DVD box sets. Here is a comparison of the size of the photo cards next to one of the photos from a Blu-Ray set.

Now to check the actual Kihno device…

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