BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE release third album Back & Forth

BALLISTIK BOYZ Back and Forth Cover

As they continue their musical activities in Japan and overseas, BALLISTIK BOYZ from EXILE TRIBE has released their third album, ‘Back & Forth.’

The lead track ‘In My Head’ is the group’s most emotional song, with lyrics about an unforgettable love written by the band members themselves. The music video includes story scenes that echo the song’s message, while shots of the group members performing show a more sensitive side, making it a must-watch video.

Meanwhile, the song ‘God Mode’ is a fantastic hip-hop tune that reflects the spirit of delinquent team SIGUMA SQUAD from the anime ‘Bucchigiri?!’, for which the track is currently used as the theme song.

Another song on the album, ‘N.E.X.T.,’ was previously performed on the group’s BALLISTIK BOYZ LIVE TOUR 2023 “N.E.X.T.”; the song was written by the members of BALLISTIK BOYZ, exploring their feelings about what can be gained by pursuing their dreams – and what must be sacrificed along the way.

The group has been through significant change in the two years and three months since the release of their previous album, ‘PASS THE MIC.’ The members of BALLISTIK BOYZ moved to Thailand for about six months, from August 2022 to February 2023.

In addition to performing at Big Mountain Music Festival 12, one of Southeast Asia’s largest music festivals, they collaborated with Thai artist TRINITY on the song ‘Drop Dead feat. TRINITY’ and with famous Thai actor GULF KANAWUT on ‘All I Ever Wanted feat. GULF KANAWUT is steadily expanding its footprint in Asia.

The new album’s title, ‘Back & Forth,’ refers to how the group overcame all obstacles and deepened their bonds as they went to and fro together while constantly pushing forward. The album explores the group members’ most profound thoughts and feelings, so why not check it out?

‘In My Head’

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‘God Mode’

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‘Bucchigiri?!’ SIGUMA SQUAD special video


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‘All I Ever Wanted feat. GULF KANAWUT’

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‘Drop Dead feat. TRINITY’

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