K-pop boy group OCJ NEWBIES makes waves before debut with 4 global magazine spreads

Make Way for the New Kids On the Block: OCJ NEWBIES

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The K-Pop boy group makes history as one of the only groups ever to appear in four global mainstream magazines pre-debut.

ELLE MEN HK, Cosmopolitan HK, Harper’s Bazaar HK, and Men’s Uno HK feature the group in high-fashion ensembles from Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Versace, Moschino and more

The New K-Pop boy group, OCJ NEWBIES, is making waves even before their official debut, claiming their ground in the fashion space with four major magazine shoots already under their belt.

Earlier this year, the company One Cool Jacso Entertainment opened official SNS accounts for their new trainee boy group, announcing that thirteen members have already been confirmed for the line-up. The agency recently shared that the number of members will increase to sixteen. The group will be active in Korea and worldwide, representing East Asia with its diverse members from Korea, China, and Hong Kong and the first-ever male idol from Indonesia.

Talent is served in abundance with these boys. Group and dance leader Lex has been learning modern dance since childhood and has won several national dancing awards in Korea. Members Dongbin and Hyunsik are well-known to the public for being contestants on the hit survival TV program Produce X 101. Other members have also been past contestants on music competition shows such as Loud, World Klass, We Are Young and Stars Awakening.

Even pre-debut, the group has already stirred in the fashion world, featuring in major Asian fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, ELLE MEN, Harper’s Bazaar, and Men’s Uno – all from Hong Kong.


Men’s Uno Hong Kong shows off the boys in a comfortable yet professional style in Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and Fendi. There’s something timeless in the simplicity of these clean silhouettes, straight-cut suits, and cozy knitwear. It’s important to note “simplicity” doesn’t necessarily mean plain, and these modest looks go a long way in showing off the group’s classic style. Members such as Lex show us immaculate vibes sporting his Saint Laurent outfit, and we are here for it.


Cosmopolitan Hong Kong takes the traditional menswear concept of suits and slacks and elevates it with pops of colour. In his royal dark blue ensemble, Lex pushes the message that one can have fun while still looking dapper, and who better to spread this truth with than a brand like Louis Vuitton. There is a theme with dark bold colours that leave captivating visuals.


ELLE MEN Hong Kong explodes with colour and texture, layering a chic and bright look on the OCJ group. From Beomsoo’s white and purple fur jacket to Lex’s rich magenta trousers to Hyunsik’s 60’s inspired, retro LV print, the contrasting colours in Louis Vuitton’s one-of-a-kind ensembles make each member shine.

Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong takes the group in a completely different direction, showcasing pastel and floral-print looks that edge into the fine art category, fully showcasing their stunning visuals in Louis Vuitton and classic Moschino outfits. Their glistening hair colours enhance the already rich tones in their outfits. While a playful bear emblem on Sing keeps the outfits youthful, Lex’s Louis Vuitton floral trench coat and Sing’s Moschino web of chain and strap designs add an air of lavishness and luxury.

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