Keyakizaka46 – Silent Majority Review

Keyakizaka46 Silent Majority A

Release Date: April 6, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Silent Majority
  2. Te wo Tsunaide Kaero ka
  3. Yamanotesen (Type A)
  4. Shibuyagawa (Type B)
  5. Noriokureta Bus (Type C)
  6. Kimi ga Inai (Regular Edition)
  7. + Instrumental Versions


Keyakizaka46 are a Japanese idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi and they are the sister group to Nogizaka46. Initially known as Toriizaka46, they were first introduced to the public during Nogizaka46’s 3rd Year Birthday Live. Silent Majority is their debut single and it was also used as a commercial theme for Mechakan.

After listening to the entire single package there’s no doubt that this group has a very strong influence from their older sibling. The music contained within the various versions of this single has that early Nogizaka46 type of feel to it. You know, somewhat raw but still polished enough to be presentable to the public.

The a-side is a song that inspires people to defy convention, follow their dreams and live life how they want. It’s a rather ambitious debut considering that most groups like to start out with safer and generic genki fare to relay the same type of message.  It’s slightly subdued for an idol song and the plain (almost bleak) imagery and military costumes add a different kind of atmosphere overall.  This ain’t no idol Rhythm Nation by any stretch of the imagination (although it would be awesome if that were to happen one day) but still kudos go to whoever thought up this idea for Keyakizaka46’s opening salvo. It at least makes the group somewhat compelling from the start.

The rest of the songs on Silent Majority are more in line with what one would expect of a Nogizaka type group. What that means to you will depend on your love for the type of sound that is produced for them. For what it’s worth, Noriokureta Bus and Kimi ga Inai are the tracks you should probably check out after the a-side. They leave the longest lasting impression of all the b-sides.

Silent Majority (Regular Edition)


Silent Majority (Type A)


Silent Majority (Type B)


Silent Majority (Type C)


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