TIFFANY – I Just Wanna Dance Review

Tiffany I Just Wanna Dance

Released May 11, 2016

Track Listing

  1. I Just Wanna Dance
  2. Talk
  3. Fool
  4. What Do I Do
  5. Yellow Light
  6. Once In A Lifetime
  7. What Do I Do (English Version)


I Just Wanna Dance marks the solo debut of Tiffany from Girls’ Generation. Out of the group, it feels as though Tiffany and Taeyeon (and perhaps former member Jessica) are always gonna be singers. Some others may get into acting, some other medium, or even get out of entertainment, but Tiffany feels like a lifer. So it’s a good thing that she puts out a solo release now while she is still in SNSD. Not only does she capitalize on the popularity of the group while she is part of it, but we get to see what kind of solo artist can become.

There isn’t any question that Tiffany can sing and do it well. The question, again, is what kind of solo artist can she become. The answer? Early signs show she will be good at every aspect, but not exceptional in any fashion. But as of this moment, I Just Wanna Dance doesn’t instill much confidence in that prediction.

The title track and the single is some good dance pop music, but it doesn’t do anything unique and doesn’t attempt to try to be anything else. Although nice, I found it ineffectual.

The next track, Talk, is not only the best song off the EP, but is the only real moment here that I felt Tiffany could grow into something. A cross between fellow SM acts Automatic by Red Velvet and BoA’s Kiss My Lips, Tiffany rides on the beat well and sounds the most confident in the entire project.

Other than that, the EP as a whole left me indifferent. To be clear, all the songs are produced well and Tiffany sounds good vocally. It’s just everything just sounds basic. It’s a shame. For as long as Tiffany has been in the public eye, she has never wavered from her passion to be a singer. After multiple listens, it feels like she’s happy she got a release. It doesn’t sound like she wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity to show and prove.

Again, she can sing and sings well. Maybe that’s okay. If she just wants to sing, then she can keep making music of this quality. I would’ve imagined someone who loves to sing as much as she does would want to present the best version of herself musically. But she is a lifer, so she has time to figure that part out.

I Just Wanna Dance


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