Release Date: August 4, 2023

Track Listing

  2. MADELEINE (Instrumental)
  3. MADELEINE (Acapella)


In August, LIMELIGHT released their first single, MADELEINE, the follow-up to their second EP, Love & Happiness, which came out earlier in the year.

MADELEINE falls within the uptempo dance/pop world, similar to past LIMELIGHT songs such as Starlight, Blanc Noir and Crystal. Unlike those songs, MADELEINE doesn’t have that overwhelming, slightly overproduced feeling that forcefully hammers itself into your head.

Instead, the composition has a “less is more” construction that gives the song an open and relaxing vibe and gives the member’s vocals a more robust presence. One only needs to look to the chorus, where you can hear Suhye and Gaeun belt their lines loud and clear. Gaeun, in particular, has a lovely tone when she sings her parts.

I believe MADELEINE is the best pure dance/pop song in LIMELIGHT’s short discography. It hits right when listening to it, probably because there isn’t a wall of bombastic sound surrounding them when they sing. Otherwise, there isn’t much else to say about this single. Much like other LIMELIGHT releases, the instrumental and acapella are included for nerds who know what to do with such things.

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