NewJeans – Zero Review

NewJeans Zero Cover

Release Date: April 3, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Zero


Zero is NewJeans’ first promotional single release and is part of Coca-Cola’s Korean campaign. For most, it probably won’t be considered canon in NewJeans’ short discography. But any new music is better than none.

Zero is similar in tone to Ditto; it has a Jesery Club base with touches of Pop and R&B added to the mix. The result is a very catchy, almost underground club kind of groove. If there were a straight-up dub mix of this that went a bit harder, it could be a club banger.

The chorus is the one thing about Zero that catches many listeners off guard. The hook (as expected for an ad) is telling you to get a Coke because it’s tasty. So yeah, it’s not subtle and a bit jarring at first, but it does its job, and like it or not, you’ll have that damn jingle stuck in your head.

So yes, getting an appetizer from NewJeans is nice, even if it’s to sell you some soft drinks.

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