NMIXX – Love Me Like This (Selective Hearing Remix)

NMIXX Expergo Cover

Release Date: March 20, 2023
Key: G# Minor
BPM: 97

Love Me Like This is the title track from NMIXX’s first EP expergo. Unlike most of their songs, Love Me Like This is not in the Mixx Pop style. Instead, this is a relatively stripped-down Hip-Pop track.

Given that the original lacks the overcomplexity of a typical K-Pop song, it is wide open to interpretation. Therefore, I decided to slow everything down to a chilled Hip-Pop style for my remix. This is similar to what I did for Nayeon’s Pop, where I took a track that was in double time and slowed it down to create a different kind of mood.

As I stated above, there was a lot of room to play around with this song, given the sparseness of the original. So there’s more going on in my remix because of that. It’s not so much that the addditions become distracting, but enough to fill all the open space in the song.

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