predia – Fabulous Review

Release Date: February 13, 2018

Track Listing

  1. Fabulous
  3. Ms. Frontier
  4. Novelle Cuisine
  5. Hotel Sunset
  6. Cleopatra
  7. Secret of Light
  9. Suiyoubi no Uso
  10. Addicted To Your Secret
  11. Kindan no Masquerade
  12. Wake Up
  13. Close To You


Platinum Passport’s adult idol group start 2018 with the release of their second major label album titled Fabulous. Included are their three singles from 2017 (Kindan no Masquerade, Nouvelle Cuisine and Ms. Frontier) along with nine new songs.

If you have heard the singles from this album then you will have a very good idea of the musical direction the majority of the songs (with a few exceptions) will follow. If you have not and you are one who enjoys high-energy dance music with power pop vocals then you should have no problems getting settled into Fabulous.

Hotel Sunset is the first of the new songs to be featured on this album. It has a breezy, tropical summer feel and is the first break away from predia’s tried and true sound. The other deviations come in the form of Secret of Light and Close To You, which favor something closer to E-girls styled pop. If those don’t float your boat or you are more akin to predia’s bread and butter sound then give the album opener (and title track) Fabulous, Cleopatra and Suiyoubi no Uso a go instead.

The last song worth mentioning is Addicted To Your Secret, which is the closest thing to a slow/ballad type of song on this album. It is a pleasant cool down from the bombastic dance pop. However, some may find that the vocals veer a little into over the top chest thumping diva territory at times.

Overall Fabulous is an enjoyable listen. predia don’t necessarily stray too far away from their wheelhouse that much and when they do the results are surprisingly good. If you have liked what they have been doing up to this point then this album is more of the same type of goodness with a few change ups thrown in for good measure.

If you have yet to give predia a good look Fabulous is an opportunity to do so. It can’t hurt to listen to women sing idol songs rather than the typical squeak machines of youth who normally do right?

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