Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 03

In the last episode, the demo performances finally ended. After that, the competition officially began with the crowning of the first top nine, the reshuffling of cells, the announcement of the first mission, and teams’ formation to compete against each other.

With performance day for the connect mission looming, who will come together (or connect as this show loves to tell us) to show harmony and teamwork? And who will implode amongst drama and discord? Let’s find out.

Episode three began with a preview of the upcoming turmoil before switching the interim cell rankings that may or may not have been determined by the planet guardians with the cell of Choi Yujin, Cai Bing and May ranking first so far.


With the ranking completed, the heavy-handed guilt-tripping begins with planet guardians being prodded to vote and protect the dreams of the girls they adore again; whether your vote counts are another matter entirely.

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