Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 04

Episode four of Girls Planet 999 continued with the remainder of the Connect mission performances.


First up are the teams who chose IZ*ONE’s Fiesta. The masters revealed that team two’s Ito Miyu had a bad throat condition. Her over-practice on the high note resulted in some unnecessary strain and a bad showing during the dress rehearsal.

In addition, her pitch was unstable, making her ad-libs go out of tune. Her team was worried about her condition but trusted that she would do a good job and give her best.

Since Fiesta is a song with many high notes and a lot of dancing, the masters were curious if this group could pull off the performance. It looked like team two was off to a good start, but then they got progressively worse as the song went on.


There were several spots where members were out of tune or ahead of the song. Sadly, Ito Miyu could not overcome the dreaded high note, and she left the stage with a heavy heart. No happy comeback story for this group of leftovers this time.


Team one had the more skilled members of the two groups competing in theory. However, in practice, it was not as apparent. For example, during the interim evaluations, Huang Xing Qiao forgot the lyrics and gave up when she made a mistake dancing.

The entire team also did not sync with the music when dancing and looked lost after.

It got so bad that even the Girls Planet 999 sign on the wall behind them went “Fuck this! I’m out!” and dropped to the floor.

So it was not a surprise that this was an unsatisfactory performance to the masters watching.



To add insult to injury, the cell Xing Qiao was a part of was ranked at the bottom for Fiesta. She felt terrible for her cellmates, who she believed were being dragged down because of her poor performance.

Determined not to let her team down, she went through intense practice sessions to improve herself.

When the moment of truth arrived team one more than made up for their flubs in the interim evaluations. They were in sync, their vocals were great, and they had everyone on in the room hanging on their every move.


The masters pointed out the marked improvement of Xing Qiao and her ability to get past her confidence issues and put on a fun performance.

Because of all that team one ended up victorious in the head-to-head battle.


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