Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 03


The groups formed in the last episode are given their new colours for the connect mission, with members placed in the top nine getting shiny purple jerseys with yellow trim. So naturally, this brought out much envy from the other competitors.

One team had many purple jerseys, and that was team one performing BLACKPINK’s How You Like That. They had four members who placed in the top nine. Because of that, they were dubbed the Avengers team of this round.


For BLACKPINK team, one internal competition arose for the killing part of How You Like That as only one person in the team could have that role. However, since that person gets a lot of screen time, everyone aims to be in that spot.

An audition took place for those who wanted the part, with Shen Xiao Ting taking the majority vote. Many members also wanted the rapper spot. After another audition, the main rapper part went to Cai Bing, with the secondary rapper going to Xia Yan.


Lastly were the singing parts, which were delegated among the remaining members in the purple jerseys and others not shown on screen.


The whole point of this seemed to be about Yeon Gyung failing over and over to get parts she tried for.


On to IZ*ONE team one who was designating vocal parts. The candidates for the main vocal were Kubo Reina and Lee Sun Woo. Two impressive vocalists who hit the high notes in FIESTA easily. IZ*ONE team two watched their competition and wondered if they had anyone capable of hitting the high notes for the main vocal.

Since this was the leftover group, they did not feel confident in their abilities and were hesitant until Ito Miyu and Wang Qiu Ru stepped up to try for the part. Neither did exceptionally well failing to hit the high note accurately.


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