Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 03


TWICE, team, one discussed how they can make YES or YES sound good. Kim Hye Rim and Huh Jiwon did most of the talking while the other members just listened and nodded their heads. As for TWICE, team two went over the killing parts of the song and who should do them. They chose Doah for the role.

Because she got the killing part, she volunteered to take the shortest vocal part to give the other members chances at more significant roles. As for who they designated for the vocals? Who knows? It was cut to an initial discussion and then a “YAAAAYYY!! after the distribution was completed.


Going back to TWICE team one who started to distribute the vocal parts. Unlike their counterparts, no one wanted to step up for the shortest line in the song. Jiwon recommended Chia Yi for the position, which didn’t seem to sit well with her.

This team seemed a bit less open about expressing their opinions about everyone getting fair time. Kim Chae Hyun was the most vocal speaking up for her teammates in a careful manner. Eventually, the group came to an agreement about their assigned parts.

OH MY GIRL team, one chose Kim Bora as their leader, trusting in her experience. Team two were more awkward compared to their energetic counterparts. No one wanted to step up to be a leader, so Lee Rayeon was chosen by default since she was the only one who raised her hand.

After selecting their leader, team 2 started watching a video of the song they were to perform, noting some high notes to hit. Rayeon asked who wanted to be the main vocalist and got a response of dead silence. When she was volunteered to take on the role, there were flashbacks to her demo performance where her voice went south on the high notes.


Much like the leadership role, she took on the main vocalist part just because. Team one’s main vocalist also ended being their leader, Bora. So naturally, that brought more worry to Rayeon, knowing she was going against a highly praised vocalist.


The team performing EXO’s The Eve had many strong singers, and they were scaring a few of the other groups around them, with some girls predicting that they would win the entire mission. When it came to choosing a leader, the oldest, Fu Ya Ning, raised her hand. No one objected since they were all younger.

When it came to part distribution, almost all of the group wanted the killing part. In the end, it went to Su Rui Qi, much to Kim Da Yeon’s disappointment. She spent so long practicing the part and did not get a single vote from her teammates. She had a second chance at getting something good with the vocal line distribution.


She wanted Vocal 1 but had to compete with Fu Ya Ning and Kim Su Yeon.


When it came down to a vote, she lost again. As parts dwindled, Da Yeon lost her confidence and burst into tears. She regretted selecting the cells she did as teammates. They ended up screwing her over more than she imagined, and she felt hopeless.


Team MIC Drop watched everyone else being happy and having fun and wondered why they were not the same. It looked like the difficulty level of their song was high, and that made them all concerned if they could pull the song off. They were out of sync right from the start when practicing the choreography, leading to more doubt within the team.

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