Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 04

The answer is yes. Despite all bullshit, they went through, they came together at the right time and tore up the stage. However, the masters saw differently and felt they could have done better. To them, the performance felt stagnant.


You Dayeon, Fu Ya Ning and Su Rui Qi were called out for overdoing it on the facial expressions rather than using their natural features effectively.

It wasn’t all disappointment for them. Nonaka Shana was compimented for her vocals. Kim Suyeon was also given some praise for making the most out of her small part.

With all three teams done, it was time for the masters to make the difficult decision about the winner and recipient of the special benefit. After their votes were tabulated, the producers informed them it was a tie.


Because there was a tie, it came down to who had the highest total score. That ended up being team Pretty U, who had a score of 526, pulling off an upset victory.


It was on to the next benefit, who gets to perform on M Countdown out of the five winning teams? After much stalling, Yeo Jin Goo announced that TWICE team one won the benefit.


And with all performances over and benefits given out, the first mission of Girls Planet 999 was completed. It is now up to the planet guardians (meaning you, the irrelevant voters) to protect the dreams of the members you dearly love.

I’m not sure about this first round of eliminations. Logic would dictate that many who were in the losing teams would have the greatest chance of packing their bags. However, since this is a Mnet show logic is thrown out the window. There are definitely cells that are guaranteed to survive on the strength of one or two members’ strong performances.

Going under the assumption that people’s votes are actually being counted I would expect the weab vote to mess things up. Foreign fans see these types of competitions so differently from native Koreans at times and who they root for differs greatly regardless of whatever push is given to a particular girl by the show.

The only thing about next week’s episode that I’m dreading is that it will be a long, dragged-out affair with lots of filler as all these elimination episodes tend to be. At least I can fast forward through most if it since I have an idea of how this will work having watched similar idol competition shows.

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