Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 04


Next to hit the stage were the teams performing OH MY GIRL’s The Fifth Season. As they came up to the stage, the masters commented that both had similar skill levels, so it would be difficult to pick a winner.

The similarities didn’t stop there as the masters mentioned that the team leaders were the main vocalists, Chinese members are in the killing part, and the twins are on opposite teams. They even practiced similarly.


However, in the practice sessions, team one showed better teamwork and looked to be getting a grasp of the song more than team two, who were not all on the same page and showed signs of losing confidence.

Team one had no issues at the interim check and received much praise from the masters evaluating them. However, team two didn’t do as well and received criticism for missing lyrics and poor vocals.


When asked about leading her team, Rayeon burst into tears, saying she felt the burden on her shoulders. However, it made the rest of her team members realize that they should do their part to share the load and not just rely on her to carry them.

At rehearsals, the dramatic improvement of team two was visible. On the other hand, Team One seemed to implode at the wrong time, making mistake after mistake. Naturally, the masters were not pleased.

Team two were the first ones to perform, and they dropped the ball compared to their rehearsal. Their lack of confidence was visible on stage, affecting their ability to connect with the audience.

The bright spot was Ling Qiao, who broke through her cute image and showed more sides to herself.

Team one had an uphill battle not to repeat the mess that was their rehearsal, and they managed to push through their nerves and focus on the song. The most significant criticism went to the Bora, who did not live up to expectations regarding her singing.

Because the two teams were so evenly matched, the masters had difficulty figuring out who won the battle, and the deciding factor came down to who had the best interpretation of the song. And that ended up being team one.

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