Random Viewing: Girls Planet 999 Episode 04


The final performances are from those who chose to cover the boy band songs with the more significant benefit of 3x the number of votes in the last 24-hour voting period on the line.

First up to bat was the team covering BTS’s MIC Drop. The masters commented that this team had zero confidence because of the difficulty of their song. Their interim evaluation showed their lack of preparation and lack of belief in themselves.

The masters told them it was not the time to cry but to pull themselves together. So, determined not to go home, they put in the work to improve.

When it came to show time, they looked like a completely different group showing the swag and attitude needed to pull MIC Drop off convincingly. The masters also noticed this change and commented that they looked like a team on stage.

It was a dramatic turnaround from what they saw in the interim evaluations.

Following them were the team performing SEVENTEEN’s Pretty U. This team had a lot of energy but also had some shortcomings to get over. The masters suggested that the killing part goes to Guinn Myah rather than Lee Yunji. She had a better chance of drawing people in with her natural charisma.

Yunji wasn’t pleased with letting her team down but realized that there was a reason why the masters told them to switch the part.

Their performance was energetic and had everyone who was watching smiling. The part switched worked out well in the end, as Myah got the intended reactions from the crowd. The masters also noticed this and commented that she energized the entire team.

Their chemistry was on full display, which had Tiffany and Sunmi marking out throughout the entire performance.


Lastly was the team covering EXO’s The Eve. This team had many highly skilled members, and they had a burden of higher expectations put on them because of that. At the interim evaluation, their discourse was not well hidden.

Their evaluation performance showed strong individuality but not a lot of teamwork. It was as if each person claimed that they were the best rather than working with each other. In addition, the masters questioned Fu Ya Ning’s leadership. It did not seem like she was guiding the other members.

Su Rui Qi received criticism for coming on too strong and sticking out negatively because of it. The masters suggested switching a part as Su Rui Qi had both the killer part and vocal two. When asked which she would like to keep if she had to, her greed became apparent in her answer. She wanted both.


The masters advised discussing making this change for the harmony of the group. When Dayeon brought up that they divided the parts without any honest discussion, the masters gave the team a lecture on team building.

Unfortunately for Dayeon, her speaking up increased the divide between herself her team members for airing their dirty laundry in front of the masters.

After their tense evaluation, the team sat down and voted to redistribute the parts again as more members than Dayeon had had similar feelings but chose not to speak up.

With the drama behind them, could they put on a killer performance?

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