Red Velvet IRENE & SEULGI – Naughty (Selective Hearing Remix)


Release Date: July 20, 2020
Key: G Major
BPM: 113

Naughty is the follow up to Irene & Seulgi’s Monster released earlier in July. Naughty is a straight-up dance track that, despite its groove, falls into the lower end of the BPM spectrum. The instrumental’s highlights are the filtered synths and dubby bassline that accent the jacking beat that Irene and Seulgi are performing over.

When it came to figuring out what to do with this song, I decided to keep it within the dance music world. During the verses, I kept the vibe chilled and built up to a more energetic chorus section. The final result is a traditional four on the floor kind of beat with different sounding musical elements to bring a club feel to the track.

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