Selective Hearing 2020 Recap: This Year Can’t End Soon Enough

Final thoughts

I believe that we can agree that 2020 was the year that everything went upside down. Each of us has been affected in one way or another by the pandemic. Introverts probably had an easier time handling being in lockdown rather than extroverts.

Not all of humanity is united in the fight against the spread of COVID-19. I’m sure many of us have seen those who have resisted government mandates because of their “freedoms” or the blood of whatever deity they believe in flows through their veins and will protect them.

To each their own, I guess. Whatever your case may be, try to keep yourself and the ones you love as safe as possible until it’s okay for us to gather again.

To those who continue to follow this site, the staff and I thank you for your support. I know that we, as a unit, haven’t been the best at providing original content. Given the type of year it has been, we did the best we could. I’m hoping as the world “normalizes” in 2021 that we can get back to posting at a more consistent level.

A very big thank you to the staff, both current and past, for your contributions to the site. Without you, this place would not be as fun.

As Selective Hearing enters its 15th year of existence, I fondly look back at the many years of struggling to earn some modicum of respectability in the niche market of Japanese and Korean pop outside of its home countries. Somehow we have managed to survive through a combination of determination and blind faith. Whether that whole idea of respectability is fulfilled is still in question.

My plans for the future of Selective Hearing are blurry. We are currently in a transition phase with some long-time staff members leaving us this past year, and the ideas of what content to present ever-changing. I guess I’ll figure things out on the fly and see what sticks for now.

Anyway, this is the final post for 2020. All of us at Selective Hearing wish you a happy new year and the best for 2021.


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