Selective Hearing’s 2021 Year-End Recap

Double Dumpster

The dumpster fire that started in 2020 continued to burn brightly in 2021. With the world still in turmoil, not a lot changed in the past year. Things opened up, closed, opened up again, etc. etc. Everything is in a state of unpredictability and we are doing the best we can to live our lives the best we can until “normal” comes back.

For the staff of Selective Hearing, another year of an altered lifestyle has forced us to turn to varying forms of entertainment to keep ourselves sane. That is what we will be discussing in our year-end recap as each member will talk about what they enjoyed over the past 12 months. This is rather long, so to make life easier, you can select the staff member of your liking below if you don’t want to read through the entire thing.

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