babyraids JAPAN – Pretty Little Baby Review

babyraids Pretty Little Baby Type A

Release Date: August 29, 2015

Track Listing

Type A

  1. Pretty Little Baby
  2. Pondering
  3. Show Time
  4. Pretty Little Baby (Instrumental)
  5. Pondering (Instrumental)
  6. Show Time (Instrumental)

Type B

  1. Pretty Little Baby
  2. Pondering
  3. Hitomebore Hatsukoi mo You
  4. Pretty Litle Baby (Instrumental)
  5. Pondering (Instrumental)
  6. Hitomebore Hatuskoi mo You (Instrumental)


Pretty Little Baby is the 10th single from babyraids and the second since their name change to babyraids JAPAN. It also happens to be a cover song, with the original performed by Connie Francis in 1962.

Okay, it’s not a pure cover per se, but perhaps more like a reinterpretation of the original. There is a tiny inkling of the very old school 1960’s charm mixed in with the pop rock that babyraids are known for. So as for whether the song is true to the original is up for debate.

What can be said about Pretty Little Baby is that it’s a fun retro twist for the group and a nice change of pace from their usual formula.

The b-sides are more representative what one would normally expect from babyraids and which one you gravitate to most will of course depend on what you’re in the mood for. To be honest, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

My recommendation out of the batch of b-sides is Pondering just because it’s similar to some of the Melon Kinenbi x New Rote’ka material. (from Melon Kinenbi’s Melon’s Not Dead Album) And if that’s your thing you’ll probably enjoy the song as well.

Overall this is a great set of songs, even if the status of the a-side as a cover is kind of questionable.

Pretty Little Baby (Regular Edition)


Pretty Little Baby (Type A)


Pretty Little Baby (Type B)


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