Virtual singer KAF collaborates with Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO) for the 14th song in Suite series


Virtual singer KAF collaborates with Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO) for the 14th song in the ‘Suite’ series.

‘Suite’ is a series of collaborations between virtual singer KAF and real-life artists and composers. For the 14th entry in the series, KAF’s collaborator is MONDO GROSSO, the solo project of Japanese artist Shinichi Osawa.

Osawa is a musician, composer, DJ and producer who has worked with numerous domestic and global artists as a producer and remixer, producing music for commercials, installations and soundtracks and a music bar focused on vinyl records.

Osawa has continually electrified the music scene with his many masterpieces and varied collaborations, such as his hit song ‘Labyrinth’ featuring vocals by Hikari Mitsushima.

At the same time, KAF has ceaselessly sent messages from the virtual world to the real one through her unique voice, making this ‘Suite’ collaboration an exceptional encounter.

The title of the song is ‘My Voice’. It was written by Osawa, reflecting on the heavy weight of choosing to live in the service of sound in a world where nothing can be taken for granted.

The story expresses the feelings felt by KAF as she crashes through her teenage years with the help of music. The song was released on download and streaming services on Wednesday, September 6.

Artist comments

Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)

There have been times up until now when I have projected very personal feelings into my music. This song is one of them. It may be my first time creating music with someone I haven’t met, even though they exist.

However, I think this is a piece of music that could only have been created under these conditions. I was entrusted with the lyrics and the sound production, and I’m proud that ‘My Voice’ is such a satisfactory track.


Mixed feelings. On the one hand, I feel like this song has brought me out of myself, but even as time passes, there are feelings of drifting somewhere, sometimes within my heart. Whenever I think of it, a part of me feels relief that I feel pain, embarrassment, excitement.

With my voice, I want to recreate the things I could not express in words at the time, the things I didn’t want to say, the emotions I still barely understand. That feeling may be the very origin of my singing, and it has allowed me to sing with my own ‘My Voice.’ I’d like you to listen to it over and over.

Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO) profile

Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)

Musician, composer, DJ, producer. In addition to working with numerous domestic and global artists as a producer and remixer, Japan’s Shinichi Osawa has produced music for commercials, installations and soundtracks and even created a music bar focused on vinyl records.

In 2017, his unit MONDO GROSSO released their first new album in 14 years, ‘Nando Demo Atarashiku Umareru.’ The’ Labyrinth’ music video featuring Hikari Mitsushima’s vocals has been viewed over 30 million times.

His soundtrack credits include the anime series BANANA FISH’ and director Mika Ninagawa’s movie ‘Diner.’ Osawa is working with his new unit, RHYME SO, to transmit music from Tokyo to the world.

KAF profile


KAF is a virtual singer and founding member of KAMITSUBAKI STUDIO. She made her debut in 2018 at the age of 14, performing via 3D avatars without revealing her true face.

Even in a crowded field where a diverse variety of expression continues to be born, she has established her style as an artist thanks to her unique singing voice and worldview.

Several collaborations in KAF’s ‘Suite’ project have grabbed the attention of music fans, generating over 200 million YouTube views and counting and fostering a devoted fan community in Japan and worldwide.

KAF’s partnership with Iori Kanzaki, who has been her primary writer since the beginning of her career, has received high acclaim.

In August 2022, KAF held a triumphant headline performance at the legendary Nippon Budokan in Tokyo titled FUKAKAI III/SOU. In January 2024, she will hold her fourth headline concert at Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, titled Kaika, marking the beginning of KAF’s second chapter; this concert follows her Budokan performance to continue the trend of this solo virtual singer playing arena-sized venues.

KAF strives to transcend the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds, setting the standard for a new generation of music artists.

The 15th edition in the ‘Suite’ series

Continue to look out for KAF’s further passionate collaborations with artists and creators.

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Further information about KAF

Further information about Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO)

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