Live Video for Momoiro Clover Z’s Mononofu Nippon released on YouTube

Momoiro Clover Z shared a live video on YouTube of their latest single, “MONONOFU NIPPON,” featuring celebrated guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei from the August 6 Tokyo show of their 15th anniversary nationwide tour.

While the four members engage in intense combat-style choreography and an electrifying display of dynamic dance moves on the stage, the video also captures the fans energetically responding to the performance with the most renowned idol chant, “Urya Oi” or the one derived from the single, “NIPPON! PO PON! PON! PON! PONIPPON!.”

With the fans’ vigorous response, the song truly represents what a Momoclo-style fight song looks like.

The group’s much-anticipated single’s live video follows the recently released music video released on August 17, where the Momoclo symbolizes their solidified theme of “bringing Momoclo-style entertainment, proudly made in Japan, to the world!”

Release information

Live video of MONONOFU NIPPON feat. Tomoyasu Hotei (from QUEEN OF STAGE 15th Anniversary Tour MOMOIRO CLOVER Z Tokyo DAY2)

MONONOFU NIPPON feat. Tomoyasu Hotei

Available on streaming services:

Special website:

Written & composed by Kenichi Maeyamada
Arranged by: Yuki Tsujimura and Naoki Itai
Guitar: Tomoyasu Hotei

Single “Re:volution” – theme song for baseball pitcher Masahiro Tanaka

Available on streaming services:

Witten & composed by Shunichi Tanabe
Arranged by: BLUE ENCOUNT

15th Anniversary 2nd Digital Single “Hikarimichi”

Available on streaming services:

Written by: Momoiro Clover Z
Composed by: Shinya Tada
Arranged by: Hirofumi Sasaki

15th Anniversary Digital Single “Ichigo Ichie”

Available on streaming services:

Special website:

Written & composed by: CLIEVY(C&K)
Arranged by: Kazuya Komatsu

Digital Album “Yoyogi Mugendai Kinenbi Momoiro Clover Z 15th Anniversary”

Available on streaming services:

Special website:

About Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z is a Japanese pop group commonly abbreviated as MCZ or Momoclo. The four members of MCZ are known for their energetic performances, incorporating elements of ballet, gymnastics, and action movie pacing.

MCZ is notable for being the first female group to hold a solo concert at the National Olympic Stadium in Japan and providing theme music for anime series such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Pokémon.

In 2013, the group grossed the fourth-highest total sales revenue by a music artist in Japan, with over JPY 5.2 billion. In 2016, about 636,000 people attended their live concerts, the most ever for a Japanese female group.

MCZ has been ranked as the most popular female Japanese idol group from 2013 to 2018 and 2020. MCZ has collaborated with myriad other performers, including a 2015 song with legendary American hard rock band KISS, marking KISS’s first collaborative recording ever.

In 2016, their first overseas tour, Trans America Ultra Live, was held with stops in Hawaii, California, and New York. They sold more than 3 million physical copies in Japan.

Their song “Nippon Egao Hyakkei” has become viral since 2021. It ranked No.1 in 19 countries and charted in 8 countries on Spotify Viral 50.

The hashtags “JugemJugem” and “nipponegaohyakkei” have been used 80 million times and 30 million times worldwide. Celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2023, the band released a new song, “MONONOFU NIPPON” feat. Torayasu Hotei on 4 August. They are currently on a live tour in Japan.

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Momoiro Clover Z
Kanako Momota
Shiori Tamai
Ayaka Sasaki
Reni Takagi


Momoiro Clover Z
Reni Takagi

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