Weeekly – We Play Review

Weeekly We Play Cover

Release Date: March 17, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Yummy!
  2. Lucky
  3. After School
  4. Uni
  5. Butterfly


Before I get to talking about the new music on We play, I’d like to talk about its cover art. Whoever created this must have had a hell of a high going on. I’m not complaining; I think the cover art is cute and looks to be influenced by some mind-altering substances, that’s all.

Back to our regular review.

Weeekly’s first release of 2021 is their third EP titled We play. The lead single After School takes Weeekly into Hip-Pop territory. For this song, Weeekly sheds their girly image and sound in favour of something somewhat more street-oriented. It’s a change from their previous a-sides that were very pop in nature.

This shift in direction bleeds into some of the other songs, such as Yummy! and Lucky, which further take Weeekly away from the cheerful girl pop songs. Of the two, Lucky is the one that leaves a long-lasting impression, even if it does fall back on some well-known sounds that other K-Pop songs have used.

Once you get to Uni, you are brought back into Weeekly’s wheelhouse of bright, uptempo pop music. That’s not necessarily a bad thing since the song is incredibly catchy.

The final song on this EP is slower. Until this point in time, the closest that Weeekly has done to a slow-ish song was probably Reality from their first EP, We Are. Butterfly falls in the same territory where it’s slow but doesn’t fall into that slow jam or ballad world. It’s a pleasant way to end the EP.

Weeekly makes a slight progression from their first two EPs on We play, managing to try something new while still staying in the lane of what listeners are comfortable hearing from them. If you haven’t caught on to them yet, this is a good place to start.

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