Everglow – Hush Review


Release Date: August 19, 2019

Track Listing

  1. Hush
  2. Adios
  3. You Don’t Know Me


EVERGLOW return after 4 months with the follow up to their debut titled HUSH. This 3-track single shows the group taking on similar musical styling as ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW and is even formatted in a similar manner.

Hush is the lone mid-tempo to slow song among the 3 presented here. If you have heard anything on current American or European Top 40 radio/streaming services then its sound probably won’t be too surprising. Much like D+1 the members get to opportunity to flex their vocal abilities. Although with Hush some of EVERGLOW’s vocal dexterity is masked a little behind the production.

Adios is the main selling point of the single and it introduces EVERGLOW to a more aggressive form of dance music. Many of the typical EDM production tricks are used to create a booming framework for EVERGLOW to perform over. The end result is a song that takes a few of the musical ideas of Bon Bon Chocolate and amplifies them tenfold.

Adios also takes EVERGLOW into the territory dominated by groups like BLACKPINK (or if you want to compare to a group of equal level, ITZY) showing a side of them that was not seen on their debut. The only nitpick about the song is during the chorus. The “au revoir” part of “Goodbye, au revoir, adios” sounds kind of slurred. It’s not a big distraction as most listeners could listen to Yiren slur the alphabet and give her a pass.

You Don’t Know Me is produced by the same team who created Adios. Rather than repeating the same formula the producers opted to make use of poppy tropical/tribal beats to set a lighter overall tone for the song. If you are not one for the bombastic lead song this might suit your tastes instead.

In the end this can be considered another solid outing for EVERGLOW that showcases their increasing maturity as a cohesive unit. Given that their profile has risen since their debut (and the release of this single) expectations are high that they will be able to continue to ride the wave of momentum they have built.

Similar to the closing comments in the review for the ARRIVAL OF EVERGLOW, they should be a group to keep an eye on if their material continues to be as strong as it has so far.


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