Momoiro Clover Z reveals the music video for MONONOFU NIPPON feat. Tomoyasu Hotei

Celebrating their 15th anniversary as a group, Momoiro Clover Z unveiled the music video for their latest single, “MONONOFU NIPPON” feat. Tomoyasu Hotei.

The single is a rallying cry for Japan, released earlier this month, on 4 August, boasting the theme of “bringing Momoclo-style entertainment, proudly made in Japan, to the world!”

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In the year 20X5, during the second Warring States Period in Japan, or Nippon, the music video’s narrative follows a quartet of skilled female warriors proficient in the art of “Bu” – martial arts.

They come face-to-face with a band of wild warriors trying to attack a mother and her daughter in the forest. Following their training, the four warriors, now possessing the legendary psyllium god armour, journey towards the burning Shibuya Scramble Crossing in a dystopian setting.

Accompanied by their companions, the group of four, alongside a contingent of evil men, partake in a massive conflict within Shibuya during the night. Their battle cries echo through the surroundings as they boldly employ dance and song to challenge the world.

The choreography for the dance was crafted by Power Puff Boys, a male dance group celebrated for their work on numerous well-known Japanese tracks, such as SEKAI NO OWARI’s “Habit” and ano’s “Chu, Tayousei.”

Additionally, the music video prominently showcases a flag adorned with this song’s featured artist, Tomoyasu Hotei’s distinctive GUITARHYTHM motifs.

The video has captivating moments, including a striking sequence where the four characters engage in intense combat and an electrifying display of dynamic dance moves synchronized with the song.

“MONONOFU NIPPON” is supported by highly experienced professionals from various fields. The single was written and composed by Kenichi Maeyamada, also known as Hyadain, a music producer who has generated a string of chart-toppers for Momoclo, including “Ikuze! Kaito Shojo” and “Nippon Egao Hyakkei.”

The song’s arrangement comes courtesy of Yuki Tsujimura and Naoki Itai, emerging artists renowned for their ventures into innovative and unconventional sonic approaches.

Adding to the ensemble is internationally acclaimed guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei, who contributed his instrumental prowess as a featured artist.

This marks his first collaboration with the group in 11 years, following “Saraba, Itoshiki Kanashimitachi Yo” in 2012. The enchanting tones of the traditional Japanese instrument, the shamisen, are played by Yutaka Koyama, a prominent figure in the world of shamisen performances.

Drummer Mike Marrington and bassist Hikaru Yamamoto from Downtown Momoclo Band (DMB) also make noteworthy percussive contributions.

The cover artwork of “MONONOFU NIPPON” displays the symbolic kabuto (helmets) and menpo (facial armour) reminiscent of Japanese warriors, in the representative colours of each member set against a smoky black background.

The kabuto and menpo were made as sculptures for this single. As they stand solemnly, their presence exudes an air of solemnity, as if poised for imminent engagement on the battlefield.

As Momoiro Clover Z marks its 15th anniversary, they have released anniversary tracks “Ichigo Ichie” and “Hikarimichi,” as well as “Re:volution,” the 2023 theme for accomplished professional baseball pitcher Masahiro Tanaka.

Additionally, a nationwide 15th-anniversary tour has been happening since July.

Their celebratory releases include Blu-ray and DVD for “Momoiro Christmas 2022 LOVE” Live (2 August) and “Yoyogi Mugendai Kinenbi Momoiro Clover Z 15th Anniversary” Live (4 October), and a live audio album from “Yoyogi MugendaiKinenbi Momoiro Clover Z 15th Anniversary” Live Day 2 (25 August).

Release information

Momoiro Clover Z MONONOFU NIPPON Cover

MONONOFU NIPPON feat. Tomoyasu Hotei

Available on streaming services:

Special website:

Written & composed by: Kenichi Maeyamada
Arranged by: Yuki Tsujimura and Naoki Itai
Guitar: Tomoyasu Hotei

Single “Re:volution” – the theme song for baseball pitcher Masahiro Tanaka

Available on streaming services:

Witten & composed by: Shunichi Tanabe
Arranged by: BLUE ENCOUNT

15th Anniversary 2nd Digital Single “Hikarimichi”

Available on streaming services:

Written by: Momoiro Clover Z
Composed by: Shinya Tada
Arranged by: Hirofumi Sasaki

15th Anniversary Digital Single “Ichigo Ichie”

Available on streaming services:

Special website:

Written & composed by: CLIEVY(C&K)
Arranged by: Kazuya Komatsu

Digital Album “Yoyogi Mugendai Kinenbi Momoiro Clover Z 15th Anniversary”

To be released this summer

About Momoiro Clover Z

Momoiro Clover Z is a Japanese pop group commonly abbreviated as MCZ or Momoclo. The four members of MCZ are known for their energetic performances, incorporating elements of ballet, gymnastics, and action movie pacing.

MCZ is notable for being the first female group to hold a solo concert at the National Olympic Stadium in Japan and for providing theme music for anime series such as Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Pokémon.

In 2013, the group grossed the fourth-highest total sales revenue by a music artist in Japan, with over JPY 5.2 billion. In 2016, about 636,000 people attended their live concerts, the most ever for a Japanese female group.

MCZ has been ranked as the most popular female Japanese idol group from 2013 to 2018 and 2020. MCZ has collaborated with myriad other performers, including a 2015 song with legendary American hard rock band KISS, marking KISS’s first collaborative recording ever.

In 2016, their first overseas tour, Trans America Ultra Live, was held with stops in Hawaii, California, and New York. They sold more than 3 million physical copies in Japan. And their song “Nippon Egao Hyakkei” has become viral since 2021.

It ranked No.1 in 19 countries and charted in 8 countries on Spotify Viral 50. The hashtags “JugemJugem” and “nipponegaohyakkei” have been used 80 million times and 30 million times worldwide.

Celebrating their 15th anniversary in 2023, the band released a new song, “MONONOFU NIPPON” feat. TorayasuHotei on 4 August. They are currently on a live tour in Japan.




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